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I watched the short speech that President Bush gave a few minutes ago dealing with immigration. Anyone who reads this knows that I have not been thrilled with the President’s stance on immigration, especially with regard to ILLEGALS. The speech tonight did not change my mind in this regard. The President said some things that I do not really have a problem with. I have no problem with a guest worker program. I just think the guest workers should be people who are not already here ILLEGALLY. We can get people who did not break the law and let them be guests. A man who breaks into your house would not be treated as a guest so why treat a person who broke into our country as one.

I also agree that we need to have a way for employers to check the status of people they hire. The use of forged documents is a big deal, even when CBS is not involved. There should be some kind of worker card required before an employer may hire someone. The card Bush talked about with biometrics is fine so long as it is issued by the government after a comprehensive background check. No card, no job. They can make this retroactive and they can allow a grace period for people who are here legally to get a card. If after the grace period you do not have a card then you do not have a job.

As for the amnesty part, and that’s what it is, I am not in agreement. I do not care how long the people have been here they should not be allowed to pay a fine and stay. They should have to pay a fine and then go back home for a year before they can apply to come back as a guest worker. It is not like many will even apply since they would run the risk of being deported for a number of things plus it would cost them money and they would eventually have to pay taxes. All are disincentives for the ILLEGALS. We need to get tough with the ones who are here ILLEGALLY and round them up. We can start by going after the 9.3 million W-2s that do not match up with a person or SSN. We can issue worker cards to the legals and then deny work to anyone who does not have one. We can require all employers to reevaluate the status of every non-citizen worker in his employ. We need to be tougher than the President is willing.

The guard to the border is a good idea. We can deploy special units to build walls, roads and other infrastructure. They can construct barriers and conduct surveillance. They can clear obstacles to observation so that the agents can see the border crossings more clearly. If we need to, we can deploy the MPs to the border to set up detention camps to hold those who must be processed for deportation. The military has the resources to do a great number of things that will help in the process.

I am interested in your thoughts on the President’s speech, his plan and my reaction. You can comment or trackback. In addition, this is an open trackback so feel free to TB on any subject.

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7 Responses to “Reaction To President’s Speech Open Trackback”

  1. The President’s Immigration Speech…

    So now the left is giddy with the anticipation of their takeover in Congress and hell, it looks like they won’t have to fight too hard since the right is going batty with nonsensical solutions to a problem we have had for decades.


  2. Bosun says:

    Well said, Big Dog.

    You provided an excellent synopsis of the problem and President Bush’s proposed solutions. Like you, I have reservations about the plan and the fact that it sounds like we will reward bad behavior (illegal in the first place should go home and get it right.) Our political pundits and social engineers have been screwing things up for a long time. Although it is a start, I doubt that things will get straightened out with this plan.

    In regards to the National Guard and other military personnel available assist, as long as they are not changing oil and washing vehicles, anything will help. There are construction battalions and civil engineering personnel can do much to work on border barriers and electronic measures.

    Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers need all the help they need.

    If, President Fox would help from his side, we could get things under control, But, with corruption south of the border, lax attitude of social engineers, and barriers in real enforcement, it is like pissing into the wind.

  3. Thanks for Nothing…

    Here is news about and reaction to President Bush’s (Pro-Illegal) Immigration speech this evening:…

  4. Guard the Borders–thowing the bullshit flag on Bush’s speech…

    The President’s speech tonight was a major disappointment to me. I have posted the full text of his remarks here, but in this post, I’ll simply excerpt a few of the most blatant pieces of bullshit.


  5. Brooke says:

    I am very frustrated with the President that I voted for. My first thought after his speech was that he had just talked WAY down to me.

    I agree with a guest worker program with biometrics and whatnot, but when he said that illegals were good people I almost puked! THEY’RE LAWBREAKERS!!! Who really thinks that they’re going to pay fines and backtaxes? Ugh. And frankly, not deporting them because they have kids or family ties…Not my problem. They should’ve thought of that before violating our sovereignty!

  6. Right Truth says:

    Analysis of Bush’s Immigration Speech – mierda de toro…

    Twelve million people laugh at Bush all at once, via Chad at In the Bullpen. He’s half right. We were laughing to keep from crying. Did Bush really think we would buy that pile of recycled garbage? The best idea…

  7. Analysis of the President’s Speech on Illegal immigration…

    There is allot of people writing about the President’s speech on illegal immigration last night. I would like to take a non emotional look at his speech based on a pro and con approach.
    He admits how it is “stretching” the local …