Ray Stevens Always Was One Of My Favorites

Ray Stevens sings some pretty good songs and this one is no different.

He hits the nail right on the head with We the People.

Tell Nancy Pelosi we’re gonna do the hokey pokey. We’re gonna put the right ones in and pull the left ones out.


Big Dog


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27 Responses to “Ray Stevens Always Was One Of My Favorites”

  1. Darrel says:

    Best to not get your political information from Ray Stevens. Not if you want it to be accurate. His job is to make fart jokes and sell songs, not get his facts right. And when he meantions “Beck and Hannity” (notorious hacks and liars) this is a pretty good clue he is probably making fun of you guys anyway (knowing, like with Colbert, you wouldn’t get it!).

    The notion that this bill and/or one to the left of it doesn’t have support with the populace, is not true. I thought it was true, until I read, and posted this.

    A small MAJORITY of people want this bill, or think it doesn’t go far enough ( that is, something to the LEFT of it). That leaves your position in the minority.


    • Adam says:

      I think Mr. Stevens just slept through the last decade. Yes, let’s take the left ones out and put the right ones in. The GOP did so well in control of everything, right? They had a wonderful recession and terrorist attack at the start which they blamed on Clinton. They had a slow, jobless recovery that had just gotten back to good before a new recession started which they conveniently blamed on Democrats who had been in congress for 7 whole months. They lose the presidential election to a Democrat who takes office in 2009 but yet they blame him for the market crash and job losses that began in 2007. This GOP, it’s time for their return to leadership for sure….

      • Big Dog says:

        There is that liberal spin again. The GOP was not in charge for the last 8 years. The GOP had control for about 5 of them. The last two was all on the Dems completely.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I don’t get my political information from Ray Stevens, he is a funny musician but you would be too stupid to understand that.

    I have never watched Colbert. I have seen some of his stuff and it is funny but I have never watched his show. Since all you lefties watch him and Stewart and act as if it is news, that is why so many of you are uninformed in current events as demonstrated by the stupid answers from Obama supporters during exit polling.

    As for what people want, most liberals want it more left and most conservatives want it gone. The majority does not want the bill, that is the spin you libs put on. The tactic of saying something enough making people believe it works on the drones that mindlessly follow your insane positions.

    No, most folks want to be left alone. The sponges on the left want the taxpayers to carry their weight, as usual.

    Your misleading stupidity is to say so many favor reform. There is no doubt that many people want some reform, but the majority does not want the socialized BS your side is peddling.

    I think everyone should just refuse to buy health care and then invade the ERs and overwhelm them. I also think that if Congress is exempt then so am I. And I intend to stay that way.

    • Darrel says:

      “Your misleading [insult] is to say so many favor reform.”

      Well that’s obviously true but not my point at all. As my reference shows, and you don’t even attempt to rebut, the percentage of people who want this bill, or think it doesn’t go far enough, represent a majority.

      That puts you, and your ilk, in the minority. Simple really.

      • Blake says:

        I guess we shall see, D- 2010 is coming, and if you can’t raise the dead or are not allowed (as Ed Schultz would like to do- vote 10 – 20 times) to steal an election, we should walk all over you, and I would like to do this with Curt Schilling’s cleats.

  3. Adam says:

    “The sponges on the left want the taxpayers to carry their weight, as usual.”

    And you base that idea on what?

    “I think everyone should just refuse to buy health care and then invade the ERs and overwhelm them.”

    I never took you for an anarchy supporter. But you right-wing anti-government types are pretty much the same. Partisans to the core. You pretend to hate big government and deficits but when your side is driving it you’ll still vote them in. Then when Democrats are driving it you pretend the country is headed to hell and we may need to overthrow them. It’s sad.

    • Big Dog says:

      Sorry Adam, but you are in dream world again. I have written a number of times about the out of contro spending that involved both parties over the last 8 years. I am for smaller government and less spending from all of them. Snce you guys have driven the unemployment rate up and tripled the debt it is all on you and this is making a lot of folks unhappy.

      And you can say we vote them back in but that is not true. If you remember I worked to have Gilchrest removed. A Dem was voted in, a Dem I would have voted for had Gilchrest won the primary and I have voted against BOTH incumbent Senators in this state for as long as I can remember.

      I voted for Bush and McCain (really Palin). Put up a fiscally responsible Democrat who is not a far left radical tax and spender and I would have voted for him. You gave us the opportunist Kerry and his anti war baggage and 3 month hero story and Al Gore the global warming alarmist.

      • Adam says:

        Who’s living in a dream world? You pretend the Democrats drove the car over the cliff just months after taking back Congress. You pretend the massive debt and unemployment problem right now is all the Democrats doing when we’re still paying the price for the pooches the GOP screwed while in control of everything.

        You pretend the GOP’s money troubles didn’t come from things you supported and voted for candidates that support. Two wars which are still in progress after almost a decade, massive contracts for Blackwater murderers or another war profiteering company, and a nice big tax cut for the rich to put a bow on the whole thing.

        • Blake says:

          If you were objectively looking at the facts, you would see you are correct- the Dems did drive this car over the cliff. Not that the Republicans were doing much better- there’s really not that much difference between them, but there is a WORLD of difference between Progressives and Conservatives.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Oh Adam, I know, I know. Democrats have never doled out big contracts for BS or spent beyond our means. Bill Clinton had so much money that we had a balanced budget and gold lined streets. Jimmy Carter was so good at it that we had 59 cent a gallon gas and Iran did not take hostages.

    Wake up, they are all bad and need to be removed. However, don’t lie and say after a few months. The Demos were in control for the LAST 2 YEARS, when stuff started collapsing. Ask Barney Frank about it, oh he said it was all good.

    And of course the tax cut for the rich has been debunked so many times. I know you want tax cuts for the poor but THEY PAY NO TAXES. How do you cut taxes of those who pay none? Most of them get money back, money they NEVER PAID IN.

    I just want to know if you have your head up there because you like the view…

    • Adam says:

      No, the difference between you and I is I’m willing to go into debt (and pay my fair share of tax dollars in return) to invest in America. You’re willing to go into debt to invest in the military industrial complex in the phony name of national security.

      The Democrats had little more than a slim majority in the Senate and not enough control in the House to do what you imagine they did somehow. The 110th was in session from January 3, 2007 to December 2007 when the recession started. They spent the last 2 years you talk about trying to clean up from Bush and the GOP congress. Elephants are pretty messy and you can’t clean that up very quickly.

      I’m sure you can cite the Heritage clowns lying about how great the Bush tax cuts were for everybody but the truth is they benefited the rich most of all and they drove up the deficit. It hasn’t been debunked, you’re just imagining so.

      You also imagine the poor pay no taxes. That’s another lie from morons like Heritage. Oh, those lucky duckies!

      • Blake says:

        Your share of the debt is about 300,000 dollars- glad you like it- it will be SO much more so soon if Obammacare gets in- at least until we can scrape it off the soles of our national shoes.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Nice try Adam. The mess has been there for a long time. Bush inherited a recession, Reagan and Carter had recessions, Clinton had a dot com bubble bust. It happens.

    Dems and Repubs are to blame.

    I do not consider paying more in taxes and giving things to people an investment. in America. We had years of giving stuff away as part of the investment and now we have almost 50% of people paying no taxes and a very big class of people dependent on government.

    And I made my investment. Time for others to step up.

    Without the military you would be speaking German. And tell the slugs to join the service. They can get “free” health care that way.

    • Adam says:

      “Without the military you would be speaking German.”

      I’m not against national security or military service, just the modern GOP’s brand of garbage that ends up costing unjustified amounts of American lives and American dollars making war contractors richer and honest American’s poorer.

      Slugs? Stay classy, right wing.

      “…now we have almost 50% of people paying no taxes…”

      This is still false, by the way. You talk about repeating a lie until it’s true, but I guess you’d know, right? Just 100% of Americans pay taxes. About 38% have zero of negative income tax liability. You purposefully blur that line to make some kind of partisan point. If you don’t like how much you pay in taxes just make less money. You too can be one of these lucky 38% and eat cat food for dinner.

      • Darrel says:

        BD: “…now we have almost 50% of people paying no taxes…”>>

        ADAM: “This is still false, by the way.

        Yes it is false. Why does Bigd keep repeating blatant falsehoods? Good link.

        And let’s not forget how the poor get hammered unfairly at the state level. For instance, Arkansas:

        “When all Arkansas taxes are totaled up, the study found that:

        * Arkansas families earning less than $15,000—the poorest fifth of Arkansas non-elderly taxpayers—pay 12 percent of their income in Arkansas state and local taxes.

        * Middle-income Arkansas taxpayers—those earning between $26,000 and $42,000—pay 11.7 percent of their income in Arkansas state and local taxes.

        * But the richest Arkansas taxpayers—with average incomes of $911,500—pay only 6.8 percent of their income in Arkansas state and local taxes.”


        See the state by state break down here.

        • Big Dog says:

          The link provided shows that the bottom two quintiles (that is 40% for the uneducated) actually have a negative tax burden. The middle quintile which would total 60% of the people (the bottom three quintiles) pay 3% of the taxes. I believe that if it takes 60% of the population to get to 3% taxes then it is fair to say that nearly 50% pay no taxes. This info is from 2004 and 2005. They had it better in later years.

          Now as to the assertion that they are hit with state taxes. Not my problem and not the federal government’s problem. That is a state issue and if states want to raise taxes then the people in the state can elect new people to run their state. They can also move to Texas, Florida and other states that have no state income tax. Regardless, we are discussing the taxes that the federal government controls. What states do is between them and the people living there.

          And gee, imagine that. There is a federal offset that lowers the tax burden of people who actually pay federal tax. Can’t have an offset if you don’t pay the taxes. I don’t think the numbers add up anyway. I know an awful lot of people in Maryland who pay little of no taxes and they are in the bottom two quintiles. I am in the top quintile and pay a lot of taxes. But the stuff is deceiving as well. The tax burden for income is all on the upper earners. Then they say that there is a burden because of property taxes but that is very misleading. Many of the people in the lower quintiles live in areas like Baltimore City where tax rates are extremely high. The wealty people (who are actually moving out of the state) live in counties where the property tax rate is lower. And how can there be a burden on prro people with a sales tax that is different from the wealthy when we all pay the same 6%?

          Very misleading information and not very well done.

        • Darrel says:

          Your response is completely inaccurate, starting with the first sentence, and this is easy to show by the sources already given. You want to try again or do you want your above howlers ripped to shreds?

      • Big Dog says:

        All the people I see at the store using food stamps are buying steak and not cat food. People in pverty should be uncomfortable. The only way to motivate them out of it is to make it uncomfortable so they will leave it.

        Adam, far be it from me to do the math but the bottom two quintiles are negative which means that 40% pay no taxes. The next quintile pays 3% which means the bottom 60% of people pay 3% of taxes. That is pretty close to accurate to say that ALMOST 50% of people pay no taxes.

        Contrast that with the top 1% who pay 31% of all taxes. That is the fairness you statists want.

        I have no problem paying my fair share of taxes but I am tired of them going up each time someone wants a new program. I am tired of paying pookie to eat steak on her welfare stamps. I am tired of paying housing subsistence and paying for free cell phones, and free medical care and free or reduced meals in school for people who live in a home, have more than one car, cell phones, air conditioning, several TVs and and at least one high def flat screen, cable TV or the dish, stereo equipment out the wazoo and all kinds of nice computer stuff and of course bling.

        Tired of paying for that. Pookie needs a job so pookie needs to get up and get one.

        • Adam says:

          I’m sorry you justify your distaste for poor people with anecdotal evidence of them wasting your hard earned money on steaks and “bling.” The poor should be uncomfortable so they will leave it? If that isn’t the biggest bunch or horse**** I’ve heard this year then I don’t know what is.

        • Darrel says:

          “People in pverty should be uncomfortable.”


          Glenn Beck agrees with guest that poor are “like a domesticated animal [that] never learns to hunt”


          “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” –John Kenneth Galbraith

          • Big Dog says:

            The analogy is correct. If you keep giving people things they never learn to do for themselves.

            • Adam says:

              Or to shorten it even further for you: Poor = Lazy. Rich = Hard Working. Let’s vote more of your kind into office as soon as we can…

            • Big Dog says:

              No, you think this Adam but there are plenty of poor people who work hard and do not suckle at the teat of government. I know quite a few who barely makes ends meet and do not ask for a handout. The middle class is important to this country but let us not fool ourselves into thinking that the nearly 50% who pay no income taxes have skin in the game. It is easy to keep voting for people who will give you stuff.

              And, a poor man never gave anyone a job.

            • Darrel says:

              Bigd then: “…we have almost 50% of people paying no taxes…”

              Bigd now: “…the nearly 50% who pay no income taxes…”>>

              Both claims are false.

              Do 40 percent of Americans pay no taxes?


              About 38 percent of households have zero or negative income tax liability, but they pay other federal taxes.

              Towards the end of the campaign, John McCain and prominent conservatives like Lou Dobbs claimed that Barack Obama’s proposed tax plan would amount to welfare because it offered a tax credit to the 40 percent of Americans who pay no taxes. We’ve already looked into the claims that Obama’s tax plan is a welfare handout (in short, it’s primarily a matter of how you define “welfare,” but Obama’s plan doesn’t look any more like welfare than McCain’s). But what about that 40 percent with no tax liability? Can it really be true that more than a third of the country pays no taxes at all?

              According to the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, it is true that 38 percent of “tax units” — which can be singles, couples, or families — are projected to have zero or negative income tax liability in 2009. About 60 percent of these households make $20,000 per year or less.

              HOWEVER, being exempt from income tax does not mean you’re exempt from federal taxes. Everyone who works is liable for payroll taxes, contributions to Medicare and Social Security that come out of every paycheck. There are also excise taxes on some goods and services, most notably the 18.4 cents per gallon tax on gasoline. The Congressional Budget Office found that earners in the lowest quintile, where most of those with no income tax liability fall, shouldered 4.3 percent of the payroll tax burden in 2005 and 11.1 percent of the excise taxes. Their effective tax rate (which is calculated by dividing taxes paid by total income) in those categories, according to the CBO, was in fact SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER THAN THE RATE OF THE TOP QUINTILE, although that top one-fifth of the population had a much higher effective tax rate for individual and corporate income taxes.” [CAPS mine]


            • Big Dog says:

              No Darrel, the CBO numbers show that nearly 50% pay no income taxes.

              Spin it all you like and cite the Obama/Ayers support foundation but the numbers do not lie.