Raven Lunatics; Attack of the Cretin Liberals

My friend Raven has written lengthy post discussing her recent adventures after she asked if a soldier suffering from PTSD when her post indicated that he was exploiting the situation by refusing help. The post was picked up by Sadly No and a few others and the bloodletting began. Moonbats came out of the closet to write some of the most vile comments directed at her. This is a popular method the left uses, they attack the arguer and not the argument. There is a lunkhead named Thinking Meat who uses the same tact except he calls everyone a liar and then continually echoes the same requests that the writer prove some assertion and regardless of the proof, the writer is a liar and a coward. I have not figured out if he is a retard suffering from echolalia or if this is a desperate attempt to attract the people he insults to his site. He must be lonely and he has never heard about that honey/vinegar attraction thing.

In any event, I have seen some of the worst the left has to offer in the last few days. In the comments of another post that Raven wrote some jackass wished that Robert’s children (Robert of American and Proud) would get stomach cancer so that he would suffer and have to get help from the government. This all in response to the debate about S-CHIP. I don’t know about people who can wish such a thing. I find that kind of person to be the lowest form of life and not worthy of the chemicals that make up his being.

Ravens recent post has been used to indicate, in some abstract way, that Conservatives do not really support the troops. I find this to be absolutely absurd and a stretch by anyone’s imagination. People who make this kind of assertion are the same idiots who misquote Limbaugh in order to take the focus off their lack of support for America’s true heroes. Liberals stopped supporting our troops sometime around Vietnam and they have never gone back.

In Vietnam we won every battle and yet we lost the war because the Democratically controlled Congress lacked the will to stick it out. North Vietnam was on the verge of surrender and the constant bombings were taking heavy tolls. They held out because they believed that America would crumble from within because of the anti war movement and they were right. They declared themselves the winners and a lot of POWs were never released. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Jane Fonda and countless others led protests in this country and slandered our troops. John Kerry’s testimony before Congress accused our troops of war crimes, none of which have been proven though if they were Kerry would be in jail for admitting his participation.

We had some glory days in the first Gulf war when our troops smashed Iraq quickly and our losses were few, though one is too many. There were certainly more than a few Liberals who were against the war because this group of vile people think there is never anything worth fighting for except the seats they have occupied for far too long. They will slay dragons to keep those seats but will sell out our country to avoid using its military might for just causes. The left is now engaged in the same kind of actions they embraced during Vietnam. They are protesting our troops, they are calling them murderers and they are painting the entire military with the brush tarnished by a few who committed crimes. Abu Ghraib was blown way out of proportion and people like Ted Kennedy said that Hussein’s torture chambers were reopened under new management.

Just as we had during Vietnam, we have elected leaders going to countries that are hostile to us and accusing our president and our country of doing bad things. This must be a continuance of the trend started by Bill Clinton in Russia when he was busy dodging military service. Funny, I have never heard him referred to as a chicken hawk even though he put our men and women in harm’s way a number of times. The left is so full of hatred since the false prophet of global warming lost in 2000 that they have never recovered and their hatred gets stronger and more vile every day. The people who clamor about Raven’s post and a lack of support for the troops are the same idiots who indict our men and women in the court of public opinion.

These despicable cretins can claim to support the troops but when a jackass like Jack Murtha accuses our Marines of murder before any investigation has been completed it is not hard to see what kind of support they really provide. Yes, the left provides a lot fo support but that support is to the enemies of this country. The left’s daily rants and accusations as well as their loathe of the military provides fodder for the people who want to do us harm.

Who are any of these idiots to accuse Raven of not supporting the troops or to use her post as a weapon against the right. Show me a liberal organization that collects food for the troops to send Thanksgiving Dinners to them. Show me a liberal group that provides them with air conditioners and toiletries. I do not think there are many, if any, liberals in Soldier’s Angels. What have Code Pink, MoveOn, and the rest of these Communist organizations actually done to support the troops? They protest all over and exploit our war dead in an attempt to bring our troops home in defeat. They insult a highly decorated General who has given more for this country than the lot of them combined and they continually insult the President of the United States. They call our troops killers and they say that we are wasting money in Iraq. No matter what it costs, we are not wasting money so long as it is spent in support of our troops. There is waste from war profiteers like Dianne Feinstein, another big supporter of the troops (so long as their work makes her husband money).

I have read Raven’s work and I communicate with her almost daily. I know what is in her heart and I know she cares deeply for our men and women in uniform and she would never do anything to hurt them. I know that she puts her heart and soul into her work to ensure her patients get the best care possible and I know that she is a hell of a lot better person than any of the jackasses who have been attacking her.

I would rather have Raven watching my back than any of the lily livered communist puke liberals who have been attacking her and I know that she is a better person than any of them can ever hope to be. I also know that instead of wishing cancer on their children Raven would pray for them to be well.

Recipe for happiness.
Ingredients: 1 Liberal wacko (preferably one who hopes children get cancer) and 1 rope. Some assembly required.

Big Dog

As an aside, the letter that Harry Reid sent attacking Rush Limbaugh is on auction and has a bid of over 100,000 dollars and all money earned will go to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Fund. Rush turned their hatred into true support for the troops. Of course, Reid will probably try to take credit for the success since he wrote the letter. So who supports the troops? Harry “we lost the war” Reid or Rush Limbaugh who used an attack on a private citizen to earn money for the troops?

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7 Responses to “Raven Lunatics; Attack of the Cretin Liberals”

  1. Raven says:

    Thank you Big Dog.

    I wrote the second post (and it IS long) as an attempt to explain my beliefs and to add some background about where I was coming from with the original post. I forget that everyone who reads my site does not know my background and my experiences. I am totally saddened that I have offended veterans and it is they I care for and not the others. They being the left who used my original post, hikacked it for their own drama filled bullsh*t.

    I am appalled at the hatred I have seen in the past few days. Just appalled…and yes, shamed to call these people fellow Americans. NOT THE VETS- even when they are on the left- I hold them in the highest regard. The others, pfft. They make me ill. I am glad I switched my politics and if anyone ever asks me WHY, I simply direct them to the comments on that post and many others.

    Hate breeds hate- and this is what is happening in the US today. Democrats are the party of HATE. I hate to say.

  2. Raven says:

    As for that disgusting pig we know as Meat Brain?? He can go rot in hell. His little blog gets no visits unless WE go over to mess with him. He thrives on baiting us with his useless pointless posts…then he calls everyone liars and cheaters…he is so childlike. I suspect he is a just a teenager to be honest. Since he stole the content off my site and uploaded it to his hosts’ servers, I have absolutely no trust and faith that he will do the right thing- the ethical thing. I did think he would do that- in spite of our blog wars. No. He didn’t…his host forced him to take down my content.

    Ethics. Meaty has none. He showed his true colors.

  3. Adam says:

    “This is a popular method the left uses, they attack the arguer and not the argument.”

    Don’t forget. Each side tries to act like the other side holds the monopoly on vile talk over the Internet. What about our Freeper pals? I’ve been the target of 1 or 2 of them in the past just for my lily livered website. Gotta love the nutjobs that fill up these places…

  4. Big Dog says:

    Hey Adam,
    Welcome back. Are you married yet??? How is the job going?

    I do not deny that there are nuts of all political and religious and God knows what else persuasions. Generally speaking, I have seen the person who wrote it attacked more than what he wrote on the left. Might be because I do not get into fights with many on the right, don’t know but you are correct, there is no monopoly on the left.

    For those of you who do not know Adam, he is a friend of mine who is a Lib out west. I met him and a few of his friends and we all had dinner together. He is a nice guy, for a lib and all (though we have had some pretty good disagreements).

    Hope you are well. Send me an email and let me know how things are going. Have they taxed you enough out there to make you a conservative??

  5. Big Dog says:

    BTW Adam, I could use your career expertise when you get a little time. I need help fixing an annoying problem with the site.

  6. Adam says:

    I dropped you a line at the bd&obd.net address. Check out your boxes in case it detected my left lean and sent it to the trash.

    I think my gravatar might be changed by now. That thing was starting to burn my fingers.

  7. Adam says:

    No luck with the gravatar yet, I see. I guess I reap what I sow. Ouch.