Rather Queer That No Charges Were Filed

The people working for the TSA are government agents who have too much power and who abuse the traveling public. Like many government agents they are protected from prosecution, not because there is some law or immunity but because other government agents refuse to go after them for doing illegal things.

A pair of TSA agents were caught in a scheme that involved the groping of male travelers by a gay TSA agent. The agent would signal a female agent, his accomplice, who would manipulate the machine to cause it to give a reason for further screening. This would allow the gay agent to grope the male he found attractive. He used the palm of his hand to grope the genitals of these men.

The scheme was reported by a whistle blower and investigated. The acts were witnessed by several people involved in the investigation. The TSA agents were fired as a result of their deeds.

The kicker though is that the prosecutor (a government agent) refused to file charges stating there was not enough evidence to get a conviction. The things were witnessed by the people investigating and there was enough evidence to fire them but they can’t be convicted?

Sounds like hogwash. You can bet your six that if you had done something at the TSA checkpoint this prosecutor would file charges no matter what the odds of getting a conviction.

TSA is a worthless agency and the entire thing should be contracted out. Private contractors would do a much better job than protected government employees who will not be prosecuted for the crimes they commit.

I know that if this had been a straight man working it out so he could group attractive ladies the news would be all over the front page with stories about how men can’t be trusted. Better not judge all gays by the acts of this one pervert though, that would be wrong.

I am glad they were fired but they should be prosecuted as well.

Perhaps the next government employee they should fire is the prosecutor who refused to file charges…

CBS Denver
The Smoking Gun

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3 Responses to “Rather Queer That No Charges Were Filed”

  1. Barbara says:

    Prosecutor was probably gay too. This is not Justice for All. Been a white male , yep it would have made national news, cause we should all know by now the only White boys that can do that without being charged is Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

  2. john says:

    If we have to be searched?fondled to get on a plane we should at least be able to choose the gender of the groper As far as prosecution goes about 3000 guns are found each year by people who had forgotten they had them. They are seldom prosecuted

    • Big Dog says:

      If we assume you are correct and not just making stuff up it would stand to reason not to prosecute someone who forgot to remove a firearm from a bag (it becomes a habit when you always have it and are not infringed by government). They are seldom prosecuted because no one can prove there was an intent to break the law. In the case of the TSA agent there was a conspiracy to break the law.

      You keep trying though and you might get it one day.