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Rant About Drivers

I have, from time to time, provided a rant about the people who travel using commercial airlines. Most of them are inconsiderate jerks who refuse to check their luggage and are always blabbing on their cell phones. I am surprised more people are not shot at airports by air marshals just for being inconsiderate jackasses.

Now we get to my feelings about drivers. Driving is dangerous enough without all the stupid people who think the road belongs to them. I was out doing some Christmas shopping on Saturday and on my way home there was a sign that read “Right lane closed, merge left” I, being an observant driver moved left even though I could not see an end to the right lane and I had a long unobstructed view.

Most people moved over. Now we get to the inconsiderate idiots. These are the people who see the sign yet they stay in the right lane so they can pass everyone and then pull in front of all of them at the last minute. Some of the people even pulled out of the left lane and passed everyone even though they knew they were supposed to merge left! When this happens, the traffic is held up longer because the people who moved over have to keep stopping to let the inconsiderate jerks in. If everyone merged when they read the sign, traffic could proceed without all the stopping and starting.

The problem is, all the people who passed figured they were more important than the folks who moved over. They were too important to get in line like the rest of us. They are like the people who will not check their luggage because they are too important to wait for it at the other end. Anyway, one jerk (I saw him in my mirror) zipped out of the left lane and into the right just as the right lane ended. He zoomed past 4 cars and zipped in front of me and nearly clipped the front of my Jeep. I blew the horn and let him know he was number one. I was hot that this jackass could not wait for four more cars and was so important that he nearly hit me.

I am pretty sure if he had hit me I would have accelerated and pushed him into the ditch. He deserved to be wrapped around a pole.

Friday it snowed here. This is bad news because people who can not drive in the snow attempt to do so. I traveled the Interstate and there were cars going 20mph and SUVs going 70mph. Some SUVs were speeding up and slowing down and some jackasses were passing in the lanes that had not been plowed. There were several cars in ditches and strewn across the median. Why is it that people go out in the snow and drive like it is a Summer day? I left 40 minutes earlier than I usually do so I could drop my wife off on the way and I still made it in plenty of time though I was nearly creamed by a guy driving an SUV in the unplowed lane who decided he needed to occupy the space I was in and at the same time.

Inconsiderate drivers suck as much as inconsiderate travelers and I am beginning to understand why some people suffer from road rage. I wish parents taught their children manners and consideration like they did when I was a kid.