Random Thoughts About UAE Port Deal

The deal for the UAE to manage ports in the US is all but over. The UAE took the high road that US politicians seemed unable to find. All of the childishness by US officials told the world what racists our elected officials are. If you think they are concerned about any entity then I would ask why legislation crafted by Schumer was worded so that it would only apply to Dubai?

Here are random thoughts about the deal.
The United States was worried about security, or so they said. Yet, the port of Baltimore is a security nightmare and in New York criminals drive the trucks in and out of the port. Background checks are not done and just about anyone can get in.

The UAE spends billions of dollars in our country. I think they should stop spending money here. They should nix their nearly 10 billion dollar deal with Boeing and they should consider more friendly countries for business ventures.

The UAE should consider wither disallowing US ships from docking at their ports, including our military ships, or they should charge us really hefty fees to use their facilities.

George Bush can still raise a load of money for campaigns. During the upcoming elections he should consider very carefully who he raises money for. There will be plenty of requests for appearances to help candidates. He should say no to anyone who had anything to do with screwing him today.

The President should have the line item veto. This will help him knock these add ons off legitimate bills. It will also decrease pork. I do not know, given the news of the UAE pull out, if the bill will go forward. If I were President I would veto it with instructions to either override it or come up with something better.

Republicans ran to add the deal killer on to an appropriations bill for the war and for Katrina victims. They wanted to beat Democrats to the punch. Bush should remember this when they introduce legislation they really want passed and he should veto it. Bush can not be reelected. He should go out of his way to help defeat those who played politics with this issue.

The same politicians who said that Bush did something wrong (though he had nothing to do with brokering the deal) because he did not take the entire 45 days are the same politicians who asked for another 45 days and then introduced legislation in just 3 days. They basically did the same thing they criticized the President for, except they did not actually listen to any of the facts in the case.

I would not be surprised if the UAE sues the United States. We would deserve it for breach of contract.

The US now has to get an American firm to run the ports. But since we have no companies that do this sort of thing it is going to be difficult. If they turn around and let some other foreign interest run the ports the cries of racism will be founded.

Elected officials from both parties are basically gutless partisan hacks who would say or do anything to get elected to office. I believe there are few honest people in elected office.

Elected officials keep forgetting that if it were not for brave people on an airplane a lot of them would be dead. Unfortunately, those cowards can not show the same kind of courage as the people who gave their lives for people who are worthless most of the time they are in session.

What will the excuse be if the next attack takes place at an American port run by an American company?

How would people have acted if an African country tried to make this deal and were denied. Would the cry be because of security or because they are black? In other words, would Democrats be trying to kill it or calling those who were racists?

There will be repercussions for this. They will be political and they will be economical. If the UAE pulls out of Boeing and they go under I don’t want to hear one elected official or anyone who opposed this deal telling us how we have to help the company out. Any politician who says it deserves to be smacked.

I wonder if the UAE realizes it has been had by Bill and Hillary Clinton? Will Bill register as a lobbyist and will he get in trouble for failing to do so?

These are just my random thoughts on the deal. This is a low time for America. Our bigotry rears its ugly head and people around the world now know that no matter what they do to help us or no matter what kind of ally they are, we will screw them if given the chance.

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BTW: Wouldn’t it be interesting if the UAE owned a lot of property in Las Vegas and pulled out? That would screw Harry Reid.

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