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Radical Fundamentalist Sports Fans Give Muslims Hope

People set fires, turned over vehicles and the police lectured them and let them go. No folks, this is not the fanatical Muslims reacting to a cartoon, this is the scene in Pittsburgh after the Steelers won the Super bowl. Police felt this was coming so last week they ordered some streets closed. That worked for a while but then the radical fans started fires and overturned vehicles and broke out windows.

The police arrived at the scenes of these disturbances and told the people to go home. While some 30 arrests were made, most people were sent home. Imagine the police witnessing a bunch of illiterate drunks destroying your property and telling the people, it is OK now go home. I think that the vehicle owners will now have to fork over money to get their cars repaired or replaced and their insurance rates will go up. Seems that they should sue the city to replace the vehicles since the police released those responsible taking away any hope property owners had of gaining restitution.

This is all too common in America when sports teams win championships. Detroit gets destroyed every time they win a basketball championship and other towns have done this as well. There is no way to legislate intelligence but when criminals (and make no mistake, that is what they are) destroy property reasonable people, whose taxes pay for police service, expect those officers to uphold the law. Winning the Super bowl does not give people the right to break the law and it does not give police the right to ignore criminal behavior.

I know it has been 25 years since they won anything (I earlier reported it was 10 but that was their last appearance which was a losing effort) but that does not excuse this kind of behavior. At this site I have been hard on radical Islamic Fundamentalists who destroy and kill for silly things like books allegedly being flushed down the toilet and cartoons in the likeness of the prophet. The unfortunate thing is the people of Pittsburgh who acted illegally are no better than the Radical Muslims and the Police are no better than the Imams who encourage such behavior. Of course, with Joey Porter as their “Imam” how could we expect anything better?

Source: Post Gazette