Racial Intolerance? Say It Isn’t So!

There is a monument in Baldwin Park, just East of Los Angeles that is stirring up a bit of controversy. It seems that some of the inscriptions on it have been interpreted as racist. The inscriptions read, “it was better before they came” and “this land was Mexican once, Indian always and is and will be again.” This last inscription has some people saying that the idea of an ambiguous monument is now out the window and that these items are directed against whites. Some people want it removed and there is clamour about freedom of speech. Problem is, many people are upset that it was paid for with tax dollars.

Note to those opposed. That is not an argument that will win. The NEA is funded with tax dollars and they have the Virgin Mother with dung on her passed off as art and freedom of expression.

Evidently, a local radio station (are they sure it wasn’t Newsweek?) worked people up over this and the police came in to prevent a riot. There were protesters yelling “Go home whitey, go back to England.” Has anyone heard much about this? I am willing to bet that if a group of whites were yelling “Go home Mexicans (or blacks, or gays), go back to Mexico (Africa, hedonism)” there would be hell to pay. We would have ABC, NBC, CBS, PMSNBC and all the others showing us how intolerant the whites are of these minorities. We would have the liberal sites that post about Americans standing guard on the border being intolerant claiming that the whites in this country are bad people and caused 9/11 and all the other things that are bad in the world.

Now I don’t really care what is on the monument. I am here and I am home. This go home BS is not going to cut it with me. Perhaps they should have gone through the crowd looking for green cards. Then we could see who had to go home. I agree with the comment by one person who basically said that the inscriptions were racist and that if the people did not like it here they should leave.

Once again, you will not hear a lot about this because the white folks are not protected. Where is Jesse Jackson when there is racial unrest going on? Oh yeah, Jesse only cares about whites when he can get face time at the expense of a starving invalid.

Read it here.

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5 Responses to “Racial Intolerance? Say It Isn’t So!”

  1. Adam says:

    First of all, the inscription is racist, I agree.

    Second, this group of people protesting agains whites aren’t equal to say…the National Alliance, or the KKK, who are protected under our bill of rights. This was just a gathering crowd.

    Third, yeah, it’s amazing how bad Whites have it in America. We just can’t get a job, we can’t own a house, nothing. I know, let’s just all fill this thread with our hatrid of all things non-white because Cracker America just can’t get a leg up in this anti-White world. Boo hoo hoo. I’m so White and it hurts!

  2. Big Dog says:

    How do you continually miss the point. The only thing I am saying is that if this were a group of white people the world would be in tune and it would be reported to death.

    I also said I do not care what they put on there or what they say. I just want a little equality. And just to let you know, the KKK has been denied many permits to rally simply based upon what they believe. When the KKK is on the street we see them on the news and hear all the commentary. Why no commentary when it is the other way around. Let me make it clear that I do not like the KKK or any other hate group. I could care less about skin color but there is a thing called fairness.

    And everyone can get a job and house sales are at an all time high so don’t give me your leftist liberal pinko crap about the downtrodden. the downtrodden only exist because people like you and Jackson keep them there and tellthem how disadvantaged they are. I notice the Asians doing well in school and the Mid Easterners doing well in business here. Perhaps it is because they do not have a spokesman telling them how badly they have it…

  3. Schatz says:

    I am really sick of all this politically correct — crap. First of all, racism exists and it is primarily propagated by the minorities themselves. I am tired of hearing how rough they have it – that is a crock. They have many more opportunities open to them yet fail to take advantage of them because they have a “victim” mentality. Poor me, I am so oppressed. For God’s sake, slavery has been done and over with for a long time and yet some “African-Americans” (who have never seen a lick of Africa) still want to be compensated. I would be embarrassed to have standards lowered so that I could meet them — as a woman I find that patronizing and stand by the belief that if I cannot meet the same standards as everyone else, then I should not be getting whatever it is I am looking for and perhaps (dare I say) I will have to work harder. No one should be getting a free ride on the tax dollars of working people anymore. I agree with you Big Dog, someone is always telling them how bad off they are and how life is so unfair to them. Perhaps if they spent more time working towards achieving their goals and less time listening to mindless chatter, they too would be succeeding and thriving rather than sucking the life out of everyone they meet.

    I think everyone needs to get a grip – African-American, Native American, Mexican-American, whatever, the common thread there is AMERICAN and if everyone saw that as who they were this would not be a problem. I am proud of my heritage, it is where my people came from. I am more proud of who I am today because it is what takes me places and allows me to grow in freedom – an AMERICAN, pure and simple.

  4. Adam says:


    Case in point. Boo hoo. Why can’t non-whites just get over it? Why can’t they work for what they have like real American-Americans do? They are as bad as the homeless people…!

    I was mainly just kidding to Big Dog, but then you come by and spew one of the most short sited comments I’ve seen all week. Good job.

  5. Schatz says:

    You? Kidding? Adam? Didn’t think you had it in you. Actually my rant was not for you specifically but I have read several times about your ideas on racism and the poor minorities. It’s almost as if you are ashamed — perhaps you should consider relocating. Nah, too easy.

    By the way, I would appreciate it if when you attempt to “lecture” or insult me you do so correctly. I believe you mean short-sighted as in of myopic vision rather than site which is a noun referring to a piece of land or property. I thought you were a college student? Good job!