Race Baiting Obama

An interview where he tells us how he feels about white people:

Listen as Obama discusses wealth redistribution. He chides wealthy whites living in the suburbs who don’t want to pay taxes for inner city kids to go to school.

Yes Barry, since not everyone can send their children to $10,000 a year private schools like you and the Mrs. then we should all pitch in and help out. How about taxes in the burbs pay for schools in the burbs and taxes in the inner cities pay for schools in the inner cities.

That would actually you to require people in the inner cities to work.

Imagine him as president.

As an aside, Joe Biden was defending Obama and his spread the wealth philosophy (Biden claimed Obama does not want to do that despite having him on tape twice saying it) and he said that Obama wants to give tax cuts to the middle class. The video is no longer available but he said something about the wealthiest one percent and paying up for the middle class to get a tax break. He never indicated that the wealthiest pay most of the taxes.

Obama wants to send money to people who pay NO taxes. That is not a tax cut, it is redistribution of wealth. Socialism.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Race Baiting Obama”

  1. David Kirk says:

    Scary stuff and nobody pays attention. We will pay for not doing so.

  2. ann c thomas says:

    what a hell of a mess this country is going to be in if this communist gets elected.