Race Baiters Should Focus on This

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the alleged clergy men who believe in civil rights, have made a fortune of portraying blacks as the downtrodden of society. Of course, this oppression comes at the hands of whites everywhere and their nefarious plot to discriminate every chance they get. I am not foolish enough to believe that there is no racism (from all colors) but I also know that every incident in this country is not racism. I also know that blacks are their own worst enemies and their actions are causing a great deal of problems within their communities.

A recent study shows that nearly half of the murder victims in the US are black even though blacks make up 13% of the population. 93% of the blacks who were murdered were murdered by other blacks. Black on black crime is a problem in this country and it is becoming a real issue for the survival of the black race in America. The high murder rate involves a great number of men in their early teens to mid twenties. This high murder rate is removing the young population and reducing the number of men available for black women to marry and have children with. It is no wonder that more black women are dating other than black males because there are simply fewer and fewer of them to date.

This is the kind of crisis that Jackson and Sharpton need to focus on. They need to stop extorting money from companies by playing the oppression card and they need to get back into the black community and encourage old fashioned values. They need to stop listening to liberals who have removed the need for a father by using welfare programs to replace the male in black families with government dollars designed to keep blacks on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. The race baiters need to stop pointing fingers outward and starting looking within for solutions.

Hispanics have replaced blacks as the second largest demographic in America (the Hispanics are coming in ILLEGALLY and have not killed enough of each other) and this trend will only continue with a larger gap so long as black men keep killing each other off. This will continue to be a problem so long as so called black leaders continue to carp about the number of minorities killed in Iraq and ignore the much larger number of them killing each other right here on the streets of America.

Instead of lip service from the race baiters, it would be nice to see them tackle the problems that really plague the black community.

Big Dog


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14 Responses to “Race Baiters Should Focus on This”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    Did you know that most whites are killed by whites? What is wrong with White Society and where are the calls for whites to take responsibility for their violent culture? Just watch white television: it’s full of violence & immoral behavior. On this blog right here there are frequent calls by whites to violently kill other people. If I searched your posts, I’d probably even find comments justifying the extermination of groups of people. Such comments are certainly prevalent in the white blogosphere.

    Is their culture of violence – is their depravity – so great in White America that they are beyond saving? Can Christianity itself not act as a moderating influence on the violent dispositions of whites? What is the white clergy doing to stop the white-on-white violence? I have never even heard them address it, let alone do anything about it. That is a profound failure in white religious institutions. Pat Robertson, for example, seems more interested in lining his pockets with money than in actually stopping white-on-white violence. And he’s a media whore, to boot, going so far as to have not only his own program, but his own teevee station. All he cares about is getting himself on television.

    Mass killings by whites are a grave threat to everyone. Just ask the folks in Columbine. And serial killers are usually white, also.

    I think whites get their violent culture because of the high rates of divorce in white society as well as their tribalistic nature. High alcohol consumption rates, crystal meth use and oxycontin abuse exacerbate the already violent tendencies of out-of-control whites, as evidenced by frequent domestic violence and out-of-wedlock births to whites living in trailer ghettos. You can also see evidence of this when watching degenerate whites on Cops.

    Perhaps white religious leaders should focus more on the family destroying influence of divorce rather than the phantom menace of gay marriage? Perhaps they should call for a ban on divorce to save endangered white families from themselves? But where are white religious leaders on this vital issue? MIA, that’s where.

    To solve the problem of rampant white tribalism, I’m wondering if we should perhaps deal with whites with the only language they seem to understand: maximum violence. Or give them 22 years in prison for knocking someone out in a high school fight to send a stern message to young whites before they become an even greater danger to society as a whole.

    How do you think the societal dysfunction of White America should be handled, Big Dog?

  2. Billy Joe says:

    I should also add that the conservative ideas of White leaders in Washington have done nothing to stem the tide of criminality and violence that plagues White Culture.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Most whites are killed by whites and though whites make up more than 50% of the population, the number of murders is small. Blacks make up 13% of the population and suffer from more than 50% of the murders.

    The black community has a very high rate of households with no father, approaching 75%. Black teens are killing themselves off so there will be no next generation of black men.

    These are all undeniable. As for the case, the court found the kid guilty and he will have to deal with that. I can see no injustice unless the white guys beat up a black guy and did not get arrested or tried for that.

    You constantly twist things around. Of course I call for the death of our enemies. As for others, As in this post, I said that Sharpton causes problem where people get killed so if he causes further problems then I hope he is the one who gets it.

    Perhaps I live in a different world than you but there is little violence in my neighborhood regardless of the color of the families. None of the whites or blacks are involved in violence or illegal activities. Perhaps if you can afford to live in a community where houses sell for over 300K then you have a little more on the ball.

    Perhaps, if we got all these people off the gubmint teat they would do better. As for a tax cut harming vet benefits, the tax cut has nothing to do with it. We take in plenty of money in this country. When Congress stops spending BILLIONS in pork, then we will be better off. We pay more than enough in taxes regardless of your ability to actually see that.

    The violence that plagues white culture? What planet are you on? Most violent crime is committed by other than whites.

    You are a moron.

  4. Billy Joe says:


    Here is the gun homicide information for 1998 (the most recent data I have available):

    373 people in Germany
    151 people in Canada
    57 people in Australia
    19 people in Japan
    54 people in England and Wales, and
    11,789 people in the United States

    For the sake of argument, let’s assume that since, according to your figures, blacks were victims in 50% of the cases. Furthermore, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Hispanics and Asians account for another 20% of victims (for a non-white total of 70% of gun homicide victims.)

    This still means that there were 3,536 whites who were victims/committed homicide (remember, most victims of White crime are also white) with firearms in 1998.

    Now, let’s compare those numbers with Germany, the UK, and Canada, who combined have a population of approx. 150,000,000, 1/2 of the US population. Combined they had 578 gun homicides in the same period. With further research, we would probably learn that some of these gun crimes overseas were committed by non-Whites, so the number whites killed/killing is realistically probably even lower abroad.

    It basically means that White Americans commit at least 3 times more gun homicides than Germany, the UK and Canada combined.

    I stand by my assertion that White America is more prone to violence than even whites in other countries.

    What is wrong with White America, Big Dog? Why are White Clergy and our conservative, ‘pro-life’ White Leaders in Washington not rising up to stop the relentless bloodshed that is occuring in White American communities? Arguably, it’s a cultural flaw in White America.

    Moreover, as your website demonstrates quite well, Whites also have strong war-mongering tendencies that are simply not found to nearly the same extent in other industrial, predominantly white nations.

    It goes without saying that American pop culture is full of violence. Watch ’24’ and you’ll see what I mean.

    Serial killers in the US are also almost always white.

    And yet our religious leaders and conservative ‘pro-life’ leadership in Washington are silent about the violence in White communities.

    It is inescapable that White America is suffering from a crisis in White Leadership. White society is dysfunctional compared to white society in other industrialized nations because we have failed to stop the violence that plagues White American communities.

    How do you refute the higher gun homicide numbers I have presented and why are you attempting to minimize the violent & degenerate nature of White America?

  5. Big Dog says:

    You chose gun murders and negated all other murders. European countries have higher murder rates with other weapons. However, America has a crime problem that is exacerbated by the court systems and their refusal to lock up people for violent crimes, sort of like you.

    You are using raw numbers and are trying to show something that does not exist. 86% of whites are killed by whites and 94% of blacks are killed by blacks. However, blacks account for 46% of all murders when they represent 13% of the total population. Whites account for about 51% of the total population and are victims 50% of the time.

    In 2005, total homicides (not just gun) for white on white was 4755 and black on black 4497. Blacks are 6 times more likely to be the victim of a homocide and the percentage of whites killed as a portion of their population . Roughly speaking and basing it on 300 million in population the per capita rate of white on white murder is 3.17 and the black on black per capita is 11.53. Therefore a population that is one fourth of the white population is nearly four times as likely to be murdered by one of its own. It refutes your whole argument because of the sheer numbers.

    Additionally, blacks murder whites three times as much as whites murder blacks. 13% of the population…

    The statistics are here
    and here
    and here

    They are from the DOJ and from 2005.

    And in 1998 the DOJ recorded 11222 total homicides.

  6. Billy Joe says:

    Thanks for the data. Do you have the data to backup your assertion that white Europeans use other murder weapons (swords? crossbows?) at a higher rate than White Americans and that therefore negates the substantially higher rate of gun homicides committed by violent, criminally minded White Americans?

    I suspect we’ll find that White Americans still commit more murders per capita than white Europeans who come from advanced, industrial countries, which will prove my point that White Americans are among the most degenerate, violent Whites anywhere on earth. If we have figures, it might also be interesting to know if White Americans are more violent in certain parts of American than in others. That might help us further pinpoint specific geographical areas of murderous criminality in White American Culture.

    Why are White Americans so violent when compared to whites elsewhere? I’m not aware of substantial portions of white populations in any advanced country calling for the military invasion of other countries, unlike here in the US where many whites, often found on right wing blogs like this one, call for invading/bombing Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. White Americans also call for things like bombing major religious sites, extermination of entire races (‘ragheads’) and are prone to knee-jerk military-first solutions in our conduct of world affairs.

    What is wrong with White Culture and why is our ‘pro-life’ White Leadership failing us? I guess we have two choices:

    1. America should adopt liberal European policies so that we can achieve equally low rates of murder and violence among Whites. In conservative-speak, one might call it building a more ‘compassionate society’.

    2. America should deal with White Culture in the only terms they understand: Maximum violence and extra long prison sentences to keep them in line since the numbers suggest White Americans are running wild in the streets commiting mayhem compared to their more peaceful, white European counterparts.

  7. Big Dog says:

    I believe in strong prison sentences for violent crimes regardless of a person’s color. If we do that more blacks and Hispanics will be in jail and then people like you will cry racism.

    Raghead is a derogatory term but not racist since Arab is not a race.

    You are completely wrong in your assertions about whites in America. It was these whites that gave us many of the modern conveniences we enjoy. We are violent when it is called for and do not believe in liberal European policies because they lead to things like WWI, WWII, and the Muzzie invasion.

    Take this tripe to another site where people are equally retarded. If you do not like what is here you can leave. Go listen to the crickets chirp at your site.

  8. Big Dog says:

    I never said that Europeans use other weapons at a higher rate than Americans. I said they have higher murder rates with other weapons (higher than you show by just showing guns). And there are knives, bats, clubs and pipes so why act like there are no others by asking about unlikely weapons?

    You said that America should deal with the white culture??? Without it, America would not have a tax base to support many others…

  9. Billy Joe says:


    Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there has probably never been a race of people more violent than whites and White Americans are among the most violent of those.

    The major world wars were started by whites. Whites have developed most, if not all, of every class of WMD, including, of course, nuclear weapons. America is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons – twice, and they were dropped on civilians no less. How degenerate is that? You’d think they could have at least dropped it on an uninhabited island and told the Japanese that if they didn’t surrender we would drop one on their cities. There were also firebombings of Japan and Germany, massive air attacks of Cambodia, etc. An average person could probably write a very long, well-documented book about the mass killings carried out by whites in just the last 100 years if they felt so inclined.

    Whites have perfected the science of mass killings and the degenerate White clergy have often supported the wars and mass killings (ask the native Americans), even of other whites.

    You don’t have any sort of evidence (even rough numbers) to support your assertion that murder rates are higher with non-gun weapons in Europe than in the US? I should have figured.

    I don’t mean to puncture your bubble of superiority, but what you’re asserting requires one to be willfully ignorant of basic facts and history. And you’re doing a fine job of being willfully ignorant, as usual.

  10. Big Dog says:

    Look jackass, show me where I made that assertion. The problem is, you lack intelligence to read English. I made no such assertions and I am rapidly getting bored with your accusations and name calling.

    You do not know what you are talking about. The Middle Eastern folks of Biblical times killed a lot of people, none of them were white.

    We dropped Nukes to keep from suffering further loss of life. Perhaps the Japanese could have bombed a small island and told us Pearl Harbor was next.

    Why are you so stupid?

    I am tired of you and your name calling. You are a troll and you are now done here.

  11. Billy Joe says:

    I was just pointing out your selective outrage over blacks needing to stop killing each other. A person could reasonably argue that Whites need to stop killing each other, as well. Moreover, a person could reasonably argue that American Whites have easily killed more people than American blacks if you included the various wars they have waged in the past 100 years, since Whites ran the country during those wars. The bombing of Cambodia alone probably killed more people than the black-on-black violence of the past 50 years. Whites conducted medical experiments on unwitting subjects (Tuskegee experiments), conducted above-ground nuclear experiments with their own soldiers looking on & getting contaminated. In the first Gulf War, chemical weapons were openly burned in the vicinity of our own troops (probably the cause of Gulf War Illness), etc. The sheer number of incidents where Whites wittingly or unwittingly killed others is indisputable and diabolical.

    I can see why you don’t want to acknowledge it. It makes your post look like you’re missing the forest for the trees.

    This is what you said in your previous post:

    “I said they have higher murder rates with other weapons (higher than you show by just showing guns).”

    All I’m asking for is evidence that it’s higher than in the US. You act as though you have some sort of hard evidence that White Americans kill each other with other weapons at a lesser rate than Whites in Europe.

    Frankly I’m not expecting you to provide the information because I think you’re just making it up in an attempt to grasp for straws. I’m basically done with this conversation, also. I just wanted to point out your glaring omission of white-on-white violence in particular & violent White American culture in general. Your blog could be exhibit A; it amply demonstrates the poorly reasoned, degenerate, violent and war-mongering nature of a significant portion of White America.

    I also wanted to point out the fact that our White ‘pro-life’ leadership in Washington and in the church has not only not stopped this violence, but has often actively encouraged it.

    That’s what could be called a crisis in White Leadership. Maybe you should call out White American leadership, also?

  12. Big Dog says:

    There is a difference between killing people in war and killing your own people on your own streets. As for what I said about Europe, you still miss it. The murder rate is higher than you depict it because of other weapons. I never made the claim that it was higher than America and in fact, pointed out that America had a violent crime problem. It also has a liberal judge problem.

    You are sadly mistaken about the burning of chemical weapons and the relationship to gulf war illness. I guess you can find some study that gets a lot of the facts wrong but since I work with the doctors who investigate this stuff I will just have to say you are wrong. There were chemicals burned but the study made assumptions to arrive at conclusions.

    I do not have to provide any evidence for something that I did not say however, if you remove guns from the equation America still has more violent crime than other countries which means we have a violence problem, not a gun problem. You used guns and I indicated that you need to include all homicides (which by the way include justifiable ones).

    There are violent people of all races but when 13% of your population has 50% of the murders there is a problem and since over 90% of that is committed by the same color of people, that is what Sharpton and Jackson should focus on. If you have trouble with that I feel sorry for you.

    I wish the black community would get it together. I hate the idea that there will be an entire generation of black males missing from marrying and reproducing. This is why more and more black girls are dating outside their race. I know it is ugly to have the societal truth pointed out but that is the fact of the matter.

  13. Big Dog says:

    My rage was at what Jackson and Sharpton need to focus on. It is not selective. Since few whites are killing each other as a proportion of population, there is a crisis in the BLACK community, not the white one.

  14. Billy Joe says:

    Thank you for finally making my point. You said:

    “if you remove guns from the equation America still has more violent crime than other countries which means we have a violence problem, not a gun problem.”

    White Society in America is more violent than even white societies in industrial Europe, as I’ve been saying.

    Presumably the US violent crime rate is also higher when including non-gun killings so I don’t know what your point is except to try to minimize the violent and degenerate nature of White Americans when compared to White Europeans. The same could be said of White churches and ‘pro-life’ White leaders in America who are happy to point out problems in other communities but react just like you do when problems are pointed out in their own. What’s that expression in the Bible? Remove the log from your own eye before you remove the splinter from someone else’s?

    I’m sure black people appreciate the tremendous sorrow with which you mourn the loss of young black men. It sounds so authentic and heart-felt. Is that the world’s smallest violin you’re playing as you clamor to send 6 black high schoolers off to prison for 22 years for getting in a high school fight and knocking a kid out? Or as you pray that one more of black person (Sharpton) gets killed by the White locals for pointing out the outsized penalty the high schoolers face for this school fight?

    You don’t actually sound troubled by all of this. It sounds more like you want them to shut their pieholes (or get killed) so that they don’t point out inequality in the good old USA.

    Oh well, no one would ever claim wingnuts were enlightened – or even interested in getting to the truth! By all means though, share your hypothesis with all of your black friends at your upcoming protest. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your faux-concern and the fact that you completely exempt White America, White Leaders and White Churches from your criticism because Whites are not violent at all and there is no historical record of them killing people en masse at all, ever. Nor is there any evidence of Whites devising scientific and systematic methods for killing large numbers of people.

    Nothing to see here folks! move along now…