Race Baiter McKinney Will Not Face Charges

Race Card

In the never ending saga of special privileges for members of Congress, Cynthia the cop socker McKinney will not be charged for hitting a Capitol Police Officer. McKinney, who claimed that race was the reason she was stopped, will not face charges for hitting a white police officer. You can bet if a white Congresswoman hit a black cop the race baiter McKinney would be the first one asking for charges.

This sets a dangerous precedent and it can not make the Capitol Police department too happy. McKinney had better hope some nut with a gun does not go crazy in the area because I am willing to bet not one officer would step in the way to take a bullet. Things like this can happen, just ask Tom Delay. I can not imagine that McKinney will receive any special favors from the cops in the area.

I wonder if McKinney’s race kept her from being charged. Patrick Kennedy was charged and received a punishment, is that because he is white? I rag on Kennedy because he was driving drunk but escaped that because of special favors from the police but at least he went to rehab and accepted the penalty for the only thing they could prove. I think he is scum but he is not as low as McKinney.

Happy McKinney

I wonder what the DC Grand Jury was looking at. Is it possible that they could be part of McKinney’s constituency if they lived in Georgia? Maybe they were just taking care of a sister. I only know that the Capitol Police Officer who was struck by her must feel he got screwed because of her status as an elitist pig.

For those of you who do not like the tone of this post, keep in mind that the race baiting poverty pimp Cynthia McKinney threw down the race card. What do you want to bet the next time she pops a cop she gets thrown to the ground and cuffed. They should have done that the first time and hauled her fat ass off to jail.

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3 Responses to “Race Baiter McKinney Will Not Face Charges”

  1. Rep. Cynthia McKinney vs Grand Jury – Democrat Wins…

    Literally, WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE!!! No doubt, that is how the U.S. Capital police and the majority of the American People feel due to the Grand Jury declining to indict U.S. Rep. Democrat Cynthia McKinney. This woman assaulted a police officer ……..

  2. Funny But Sad…

    From the Big Dog

  3. tj says:

    You expected a different outcome.
    Does that mean that anyone can slap a cop if they are detained. I am not gonna try that one.