Rabbi Becomes Jew’s Judas

Judas is famous in history as the person who betrayed Jesus in fulfillment of prophesy. Throughout history the name Judas has been used as a euphemism one who betrays and the reward paid to Judas, thirty pieces of silver, has been used to express the idea that one has been sold out. Today there will be a protest in New York over a Rabbi who went to Iran and embraced Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss is seen now as the Jew’s Judas.

Ahmadinejad is a political leader and it is best left to other political leaders to have meetings. Though Imams wield a lot of political power in the Middle East it would have been more appropriate for Weiss to meet with Imams than with Ahmadinejad. The meeting was bad enough for most Jews who saw or were made aware of it but the words that Weiss used while he was there are more concerning. Though Weiss’ grandparents died at Auschwitz and he does not deny that the Holocaust happened, he has made statements that are contrary to popular opinion and make no sense coming from a Jew.

…doesn’t deny the Holocaust, he accuses his people of using it to justify decades of bloodshed in the Middle East.


“We tried to appease them,” he told The News. “We explained how the Holocaust is used to intimidate people who want to speak against the unjust Zionist regime.” New York Daily News

First of all, it is not the Jews who are starting the acts that lead to bloodshed. The Jews have been attacked time and again and have had their blood spilled countless times. Their retaliation has resulted in the bloodshed of its neighbors. The Jews do not arbitrarily go into other countries and star shooting and Jews do not strap on bomb vests and walk into Palestinian neighborhoods and kill innocent people. Sure, there have been mistakes and accidents along the way but the Jews do not deliberately attack their neighbors.

However, their neighbors launch rockets into Israel on a daily basis and kill innocent people. The random attacks are committed without regard for the civilian population and military assets are not the intended targets. The Israelis treat Muslims living in Israel well and live peacefully with them. As stated, mistakes have happened but when homicide bombers coupled with daily rocket attacks occur a population is bound to get a bit skittish. I am fairly sure that Jewish books do not teach that Muslims came from pigs and apes as Muslim books do about Jews. In Israel children are not indoctrinated with hatred for their neighbors, they learn hatred from the acts of Muslims who grew up having hatred of Jews drilled into their skulls.

Weiss also stated that they tried to appease the Iranians. Appeasement is a stupid way to gain anything in the Middle East. Muslims look at appeasement as a sign of weakness and while Ahmadinejad and his fellow terrorists smiled and embraced the Rabbis he will not change his stance that Israel must be eliminated. Despite this meeting Ahmadinejad will call for the destruction of Israel again and again and he will one day attempt to do just that. Weiss did not help by indicating the Holocaust was used to intimidate people who speak out against an unjust Zionist regime. This statement, much like the kiss Judas used to betray Jesus, was the kiss of death for Israel. Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Muslims will take this as a go signal. They will rationalize that if American Rabbis think that Israel is unjust and has used the Holocaust to commit violence then eliminating Israel is a just thing to do.

Rabbi Weiss went to the enemy of Israel and told that enemy that Israel was an unjust, intimidating Zionist regime. Ahmadinejad heard it this way; “The Jews are no damned good and your beliefs are correct. You should wipe them out.” Rabbi Weiss did not help the Jews and in all probability he made things much worse. The signals he gave and the words he used were music to the ears of a fanatical terrorist who wants history to remember him as the man who wiped out the Jews.

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver. Weiss betrayed the Jews with a free hug. Judas hanged himself after his betrayal of Jesus. It appears that Weiss might have hung Israel. Weiss will have to live with the consequences of his actions. I only hope Israel is able to do the same.

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One Response to “Rabbi Becomes Jew’s Judas”

  1. n golvin says:

    jews are the main problem of the world today; Although they have always been , their influence in US jas achived icreadible propotions. One thing I will tell you: If jew manage to strart ww3, I will not take it lightly- And I will know that if this starts, it wil a fault of a jew.
    And I will fight that.