Quotes Of The Day: Immigration

Well, the firestorm has started after the President’s speech on ILLEGAL immigration. People from all over have chimed in to give an opinion. Interestingly, the program would be more liberal than one would expect from a conservative but given the President’s position it is not too unusual. Basically, the politicians want to give our country away. The same group of people who run around blaming European Americans for moving in and taking land away from the Indians are content to allow the Mexicans to do that very thing. Here are some quotes from various articles:

  • “In Alabama, you knew who the Klan were. They openly paraded around in sheets,” Johnson said. “In California, racism has taken on a more covert approach. Here they wear suits, they have Web sites and they use initiatives to spread their message of hate.” [It is racist to want lawbreakers denied services BD]
  • “This will burden our local taxpayers with unnecessary costs simply because Washington, D.C., has failed in its immigration policy. This makes no sense at all,” the mayor said. [As opposed to the MILLIONS of dollars ILLEGALS cost us BD]
  • “People here have more important things to do then watch Bush,” said Carlos Amado Luarca, a Dominican monk who works in the shelter. “This plan to send soldiers is one more sign of the decadence of the American empire.” [More important, like sneaking in to the US while everyone is watching TV BD]
  • Roberto Arreola, 30, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, addressed the council before the decision.
    “We are not criminals and it doesn’t make sense for the city to pass a law against us,” said Arreola, speaking in Spanish with a translator. [An ILLEGAL immigrant says he is not a criminal. He said it through a translator because he can not speak ENGLISH. Why did they not arrest and deport this guy?]

There you have it, loony quotes from people who do not have a clue.

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