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This is from a comment at Huffington’s blog. It is in response to a post by Cindy Sheehan. I could not pass it up because it is so true.


WHEN WILL YOU GET OUT OF CRAWFORD! We demand our headlines be returned to us! We want an EXACT time schedule for when you will leave Texas alone! We are NOT going to settle for your overly ambiguous “When Bush goes back to work, I’ll leave Crawford” garbage! We want an exact timeframe for you pulling out of Crawford NOW!

We don’t care if your “job” isn’t finished, Cindy. In fact, we don’t even know for sure you HAD any real reason to go to Crawford in the first place. You claim it is because Bush is insensitive and dishonest, but after you originally met with him, you said nothing of the sort. You are in Crawford because of a LIE, Cindy! When will you pull out???

**** See how silly that sounds? I hope you are entirely embarassed by your own comments about getting out of Iraq. Just because people speak a different language, pray to a different god, or wear different clothing doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate freedom and democracy. It was for this cause that your son died. You are making a mockery of him and his values. How do you even sleep at night knowing the dishonor you are heaping upon his grave?

Posted by: Anthony on August 25, 2005 at 08:58AM

I have noticed that there are many, many more comments against than there were a month ago. This is either because her support is waning or because Huffington blocked the negative ones in the beginning. In any case Cindy needs to submit her withdrawal plan.

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