Quirky Katie Violates Law, Holds Up Flight

Katie Couric was in her seat aboard a plane that had closed its door and was ready to taxi out. She unfastened her seat belt and ran up the aisle with her cell phone in her hand. She told the flight attendant that she needed to talk to the pilot. Stop the presses:

If this had been you or I, at this point, would have been told to get back into our seats and if we failed to comply, we would have been taken off the plane and subject to arrest for our acts. Instead, Quirky Katie got to speak to the pilot, in fact she was allowed in the cockpit!

The witness told Page Six that attendants on Wednesday’s 6:30 p.m. Delta Shuttle flight out of Washington, D.C., had already closed the door and passengers were buckled in, when the soon-to-be CBS News anchor raced up the aisle with a cellphone to her ear and told an attendant she had to speak to the pilot right away. Couric was then allowed into the cockpit and convinced the pilot to delay the flight and reopen the door for her producer, Nicola Hewitt.

Quirky was allowed to break the FAA rules a number of times. First of all, when the doors to an aircraft have been closed all passengers MUST turn off their cell phones. Second, when the fasten seat belt sign is on, you are not allowed to get up. And most importantly, the sign on the cockpit door that reads “Authorized Personnel Only” does not include Couric. If any unknown person rush a flight attendant and demanded to talk to the pilot I doubt that the individual would get into the cockpit. It is more likely that person would end up in handcuffs getting questioned by people who try to take airline security seriously.

Instead, Couric got her way. SeeBS did put a spin on the incident. Because Quirky broke the law some other person who was running late was able to board as well. I have flown a lot in the past few years and the airlines are not accommodating to the average traveler when it comes to running late. If you are held up at security they try to get you through but they will not hold a flight up for you. If you are on the plane and you are using your cell phone after the doors are closed you are told to turn it off. If you get up and ask to speak to the pilot you will be in jail and if you ask that they wait for a late friend you will not get the response Couric did.

I imagine if Quirky were on a flight and someone else tried to hold it up for a friend she would be the first one to complain. But, being the liberal elitist that she is, the same rules do not apply to her as they do to you and me.

New York Post

BTW, Delta Airlines says that no rules were broken to accommodate Quirky so if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, try pulling a Katie on them and see if they accommodate you as well as they did her.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black said Couric got no special treatment. “The airlines get unusual situations that happen every day, and the crew is trained to make decisions on a case-by-case basis,” he said.

Case-by-case means if you are a famous person then you get your way. Perhaps Mo’Nique should consider flying Delta.

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2 Responses to “Quirky Katie Violates Law, Holds Up Flight”

  1. Jo says:

    I cannot stand this women. And you’re right, if it had been me, or hubby even in uniform, bail would be set!

  2. Jayne Woods says:

    Now that really po’s me. My son was returning home last Sept. He is a Marine who had been wia in Iraq in 04 and had spent the following year in med hold. His flight was late arriving in Cincinnati and he had to hurry to catch his next flight. By the time he got there they had shut the doors and told him FAA would not allow then to reopen them. He explained he was a wounded Marine. Didn’t matter! He had to catch a flight 4 hours later. See my son can’t run since half of his right foot had been amputated. Just goes to show peoples bias.