Quick Hits

Lots going on these days, beyond the horrible disaster in Japan.

  • Food prices are way up, home construction is down, gas and oil prices are up — but don’t worry, the federal government says there’s no inflation. So just ignore that you’re earning less and paying more, that’s all just your imagination, according to the government. And after all, the government is spending at will and they’re getting raises (and not just there, all over the place).
  • The TSA (may hellfire rain upon them) continues to screw up their job, but they’re unionized and forced upon everyone by law, so ignore them at your own peril. Unless, of course, you’re a government official, then you can ignore them at will.
  • But hey, you can rest easy, because these overpaid government officials are on the job, ensuring that watching a video can get you years in jail and they’re working hard to ensure that sitting down can get you jailed, too. Or even telling people to kill themselves. If the courts were consistent, and this action was a crime, then urging someone to get an abortion should be a crime too, right?
  • And yes, the left continues to advocate violence with people who disagree with them. But keep in mind — the government of the left IS violence. It simply cannot function any other way.
  • And finally, as you know, words get redefined all the time in the English language. Now, according to Adrian Peterson, getting paid over ten million dollars in one year to play a game is now the definition of “slavery.” As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

I know it all sounds bad, and actually, it is. America, as the former leader of the world, is now trying hard to lead the world down, and they’re succeeding. But that’s just one reason why I don’t put my hope in governments or men. I know there’s a higher power at work, and I know how the story ends — and it’s a good ending.

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One Response to “Quick Hits”

  1. Schatzee says:

    I had read the story about the man telling people to kill themselves some time last night and I must say I find that a tad disturbing. Okay, a lot disturbing and in many ways. I don’t particularly think what the guy did was right but I could not find anything illegal in what was reported. IMHO, of course. He posed as a female on the internet. HELLO – people do that all the time. That’s the risk with the anonymity of the web. He told depressed people who wanted to kill themselves how to do it. There are dozens (if not more) web sites that will do that very same thing. (Didn’t we see this on Law & Order, or maybe it’s just me.)

    I have always had issues with restricting of free speech. Even the “hate speech” or inciting language (whatever they determine that is at the moment) bothers me but this is really reaching. It’s like they are making it up as they go along. And that is very scary.