Questions For Iraqi Bloggers

The Real Ugly American took the time to ask questions of two Iraqi bloggers. The questions are to the point and the answers appear honest and heartfelt. Unlike the MSM, The Ugly American has published all the answers, eben the ones that are not in the best light for America. I can tell from the interview that these two guys love their country and want a better future. From the post:

We have all read or heard about the opinion polls that tell us Iraqis want US troops out of Iraq now and condone attacks on Americans. The MSM is always telling us what Iraqis think and want. Some on the left tell us Iraq was better off before the invasion and Iraqi’s would prefer it never happened. Some have tried to deny the fact that Saddam murdered 300,000 Iraqis.

Well as many of you know I recently named 24 Steps to Liberty and Treasure of Baghdad as the March Blogs of the Month. These brave men are both journalists and patriots who love their country. They risk their lives every day to tell the world what is really going on in Iraq. I found the information on their blogs to be very different from what I was hearing in the MSM. So I decided to ask them both a few questions. They have both replied. Here are the questions and their respective answers:

If you want to read the rest you will have to go here.

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