A group of ILLEGAL day laborers in Baltimore got more than they bargained for when they walked up to a van at a convenience store to inquire about work. The unmarked van contained agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who promptly determined that the laborers were ILLEGALS and took them into custody. The ICE agents were part of a task force that conducts fugitive operations and were working in the area. The arrests netted 24 ILLEGALS:

Of those arrested, 10 were Honduran, eight were Mexican, five were Salvadoran and one was Peruvian, ICE officials said.
Six of the men have criminal records in the United States, eight of the men have failed to comply with final removal orders from an immigration judge and one man had been caught at the border on four occasions, ICE officials said. Washington Times

One would assume that these agents would be congratulated for the job that they did. ILLEGALS approached them and they asked their status. Once they determined the men were ILLEGAL they were taken into custody. Six of them had criminal records HERE in the US and the others had either failed to comply with orders to leave or have been caught sneaking in. Instead, the agents were accused of conducting an illegal raid and violating the rights of these upstanding people, as if:

The nonprofit immigrant-advocacy group CASA of Maryland called the arrests an “illegal raid” that was beyond ICE’s authority.
“Asking a bunch of people about their immigration status is well beyond the confines of a specific warrant,” CASA spokeswoman Kim Propeack said.
The group organized a press conference yesterday afternoon in front of the 7-Eleven at South Broadway and East Lombard streets, where the arrests occurred. CASA officials invited other immigrant advocates and faith leaders to protest the arrests, which they say unfairly targeted Hispanics, and call for reforms to the country’s immigration system.
“We’re making it more difficult for people to be good,” said the Rev. Robert Wojtek, pastor of neighboring St. Michael and St. Patrick Roman Catholic parishes. “What sin against God have these people done?” Washington Times

Now these are the feel good, let the ILLEGALS be, crowds chiming in. I do not imagine it is illegal for Immigration agents to find out the status of a person. The United States Code gives law enforcement the authority to do just that. However, we have groups accusing the agents of wrong doing while overlooking the fact that these ILLEGALS have criminal records and have violated the immigration laws of the US on a number of occasions! Additionally, this Pastor asks a question that makes me wonder where he studied. He wants to know what sin against God these men have committed. Besides the criminal records, what else have these poor, misunderstood people done to offend God? Well Pastor, for starters they broke the law of the government. Our government makes laws and those laws are supposed to be followed. Here is what Romans 13:1&2 has to say about that:

Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. King James Bible

So Pastor, perhaps they skipped that part of the Bible when you went to Pastor school. Or perhaps your being a Pastor is equivalent to Jesse Jackson being a Reverend. Nice title but not much religion. In any event, the ILLEGALS broke the law (time and again) and if that is not good enough for you they broke God’s word to obey the government. The problem here is not that ICE agents arrested ILLEGALS, the problem is there are actually people who do not have enough sense to see how the ILLEGALS were wrong. They need to go to jail for a while to make them think about whether they want to come back here ILLEGALLY.

The real concern I have is, given the stupidity of liberalism that runs rampant in America, the ILLEGALS will get immunity, citizenship and money and the ICE agents will be arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail. Think that can’t happen?

Think again.

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4 Responses to “Putting ILLEGALS on ICE”

  1. Robert says:

    I am so SICk of the Immigration policies of of our Sellouts I mean Government.

    The Illegal part in the story is not pronounced well at all, It comes out like :undocumented or some BS.

    I want every illegal invader sent back to their country of origin, I want every SOB here flying a flag other than the AMERICAN flag to be sent to the country of the flag they are flying.

    I want a president with enough balls to see it for what it is, an INVASION. and damn it release the 2 Border agents in prison now for doing their jobs.

  2. These so-called men of God advocate breaking the law. Social gospel and humanism have invaded many of the mainstream churches.

  3. Raven says:


    I have little respect for the religious aspects of illegal immigration. It’s too big for me and it’s not right to break laws! Plain and simple.

  4. roberto says:

    I think that more should be done abour this BIG issue, I live in Long Island (NY) and everyday (on the Bus or seeing them doing landscaping) I see them, I bet none of them I see during the day have legal documents, I am so sick of this, I came in this country legally, pay taxes, and speak Americna English, and I had hard time getting my paperworks to be here with my wife ( American ) because all this no-class/education/manner illegals are pushing down the system and the economy.
    It’s time to say STOP !!!! We need to take a big step about it.