Put The Pervert Away For Life

The Deputy Press Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security was arrested in his Maryland home for soliciting sex from a person he believed to be a 14 year old girl. It turns out that the 14 year old girls was a police officer. Brian J. Doyle contacted her after viewing a profile at AOL and his conversations rapidly turned sexual. He sent pornographic movie clips and continually asked the girl to purchase a web cam so she could send him pictures.

Doyle was on line with her when agents arrived to take him into custody. The agents indicated they knew he would be on line because the officer posing as the girl sent him a message indicating she had obtained a web cam and was going to send him nude pictures. This man is a disgrace to the human race and he needs to be put in jail for a very, very long time. He has embarrassed himself, his family, and his country and in addition to preying on a person he thought was a child, he was a threat to our national security.

Doyle indicated he worked for the DHS, gave his name, and one of the photos he sent had his DHS badge. Reports also indicate he gave his personal cell and work cell number to the “child” and he sent emails with his credentials in them. This guy could have been talking to a terrorist who was trying to penetrate the DHS. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a terrorist organization could be involved in these kinds of activities and would provide 14 year old girls in order to get inside the system.

I believe that a person is entitled to his day in court and when people say they did nothing wrong I believe we should give them the benefit of the doubt until they receive due process. This guy however, indicated that he had done something wrong. He admitted his guilt. We need to give him a trial so he can have his opportunity at defending the indefensible and then we should lock him so far in the back of the jail that sunshine is a week old when it hits him.

Source 1: TBO.com News
Source 2: The Ledger

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