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FEMA is so flawed and beyond repair that it should be disbanded, a bipartisan Senate investigation into the response to Hurricane Katrina has concluded. The report, which is scheduled to be released on Thursday, says that the effort by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to “retool” FEMA will not work.

Newsroom sources tell DRUDGE, the NY TIMES is planning to report on Thursday Page Ones: Thousands of hurricane evacuees who were promised one year of free housing and utilities are being told by FEMA that they are not eligible for such help and must either pay the rent themselves or leave.

Of the approximately 55,000 families who were given 12-month housing vouchers, nearly a third are receiving notices that they no longer qualify, FEMA officials said. For the rest, benefits are also being cut — they will have to sign new leases, pay their own gas and electric bills, and re-qualify for rental assistance every three months.

The notifications have panicked evacuees and raised the ire of city officials and landlords, who say that FEMA is reneging on a promise and dismantling a program that is helping greater numbers and is far less costly than other housing solutions like trailers.

What FEMA needs is something that Washington is sorely lacking in many areas and that is leadership. FEMA needs to have leaders in place and I am willing to take on the task. I know a number of great people who work in these types of responses and if given latitude to hire my own staff could have this organization up and in shape in a short time. As director of FEMA I would make it clear as to what the responsibilities of FEMA actually are and what is reasonable as far as responses to disasters is concerned.

I would also ensure that communities had appropriate plans in place for disasters. People like Welfare Ray Nagin would have his feet held to the fire to ensure compliance. No plan, no money. There would be big changes and FEMA, under my command, would have the appropriate PR people to let the public know what is actually going on. There would be no more of this misinformation crap like Neil Young has in his new song. People like Kanye West would either be helping or would be quiet and the Hollywood liberals would get the smack down if they spread disinformation. In addition, people would be held accountable for their acts and they would rapidly realize that they can not sit around waiting for big brother to save them. No more sucking at the teat of government waiting for a savior. You need a place to saty we will help but you will help in the recovery.

This of course, is why I will never be placed in charge of FEMA. Bureaucracies do not like change and they are rather happy in their complacency. I would spin through like the Tasmanian Devil on crack and whip people in shape. They would either perform or be like Mary McCarthy, on the road again.

Source: Drudge

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