Push For Maximum Penalties On Wall Street Occupiers

The Wall Street Protesters are part of the mob from the left. The mob was formed as part of an astro-turf effort of George Soros groups and labor unions. It is comprised of ill informed people who think that they are entitled to the wealth of others. It is comprised of people who are protesting against the people who pay the most in taxes in this country and who provide the jobs. It is comprised of people who are breaking the law by committing acts of violence, vandalism, and obstruction.

A lot of these people have been arrested and charged with one offense or another. Some of the protesters have had their charges dropped as part of the review process and others are awaiting their day in court.

As part of the civil unrest and disobedience the protesters who were arrested are now committing extortion. They are telling the courts to drop the charges against all protesters OR they will clog the court system. According to the lawyers representing the mob members who have been arrested, if the charges are not dropped then they will be marching in the courtrooms “en masse” starting on 15 November when 60 of the miscreants are scheduled to appear.

These folks are claiming that they will all demand a trial by jury and will overload the court system.

Perhaps, but the Manhattan District Attorney says the system can handle the additional load.

The courts cannot be badgered by the members of this flash mob. It must put its foot down and not bow to extortion.

The courts need to inform the people who have been arrested that their charges will NOT be dropped and if they demand a trial by jury the DA will seek the maximum penalty for anyone a jury finds guilty. This means that any crime that could have a prison sentence WILL have a prison sentence. There will be no deals, no lowered fines, suspended sentences, probation or leniency for anyone convicted by a jury. They will receive the maximum penalty allowed by law.

The people who want to clog up the system need to know that they will be taking a chance on heavy fines or jail time if their gamble does not go their way. They need to know that they will be drawing from a jury pool in the area and those jurors are the ones who see the littering and have been impeded on their way to work. These cretins need to know that the jury they get might not be sympathetic to their cause and they might end up heavily fined or in jail.

Let’s see how committed they are to their cause when they are confronted with the reality of a heavy fine or jail term.

New York Daily News

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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5 Responses to “Push For Maximum Penalties On Wall Street Occupiers”

  1. Blake says:

    It just amazes me how out of touch and misguided these young people and old, disillusioned hippies are. Every one of these people seem to think that Capitalism is wrong, and yet they sit there in their grubby Abercrombie & Fitch shirt (or an $85. Adbusters tee), holding their Blackberry or I-Phone, being the epitome of hypocritical deniers of consumerism, and think they are being hip.
    Someone, PLEASE give me a truncheon and the room to swing it.
    I’ll be the one singing “If I had A Hammer”.

  2. What amazes me is how out of touch and misguided you guys are when it comes to discerning the real message coming out of OWS. Wall Street firms have settled and/or been fined tens of billions of dollars over the last several years for fraud, bid-rigging, collusion, and other mischief, and yet, except for Bernie Maddoff, no one went to jail. No one in OWS wants something for nothing. What they want is to stop giving the Hamptons Pirates everything.

    • Big Dog says:

      Really? Because I saw th esigns that asked for college loans to be forgiven, for home loans to be forgiven, and for the wealth of the Wall Street banksters to be taken. Yes, these people want something for nothing.

      The people on WS and in th ebanks bundled the bad loans they were forced by the government to make. They sold those loans and Fannie and Freddie bought a great deal of them. They turned out to be bad loans and money was lost. It was lost because government FORCED these banks to make the loans.

      If they can show where people committed any crimes then let’s make the case and prosecute them. Otherwise you are speculating that someone did something wrong.

      I would venture to say though, that since Obama is in tight with Wall Street you are unlikely to get his Justice folks to do anything.

      If you want people in jail then go after the people in Congress who made this all happen.


    • Blake says:

      While these people, (in your opinion), have made millions, in many of the cases, they were withih the law when they made that money.
      If you want to bitch about it, then don’t defecate on a police car- that is a lame, misguided protest- instead, work within the system to change what you perceive as an inequity in the laws.
      Still, in all, what many are doing is a part of the American Dream, and the protesters are jealous hypocrites, decrying Capitalism, all whilw tweeting on their iphones or blackberries, and wearing A&F tees.
      The world is just too hard for them.
      All I see is a vast and urgent need to cull the herd.

  3. Schatzee says:

    I am disgusted by this entire ordeal. The entitlement attitude and above the law behavior is a big part of the problem in our society as a whole. It’s like this little makeshift campground is a microcosm of the word forged by libs. Theft, rape, destruction – all to save the world. So misguided.

    And if they want criminals who are bilking the system to be forced to “pay back” what was stolen – let’s try going after Geitner and Rangel and all the rest of the DC crowd that are either not paying or “forgetting” some of their tax burden. Let’s take it on the administration in power that has failed us all miserably.

    On second thought, they all need to get up, wash off (a lot), and get to work. Making things better does not happen by sitting in the free love style of the 60s playing the blame game. Improvement comes when each individual does their part to improve their life, their circumstances, their “world.” Instead of trying to be respondible for “saving the world” they should instead try taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions and choices in life. And shut up about it!