Pulling Back the Curtains

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain goes a famous line from the Wizard of Oz. This is the point where the weary group sees that the Wizard is just a man who promises a lot of things on which he really can’t deliver. The Democrats have a lot of people behind curtains and what goes on there is certainly hypocritical and usually criminal.

Take Barack Obama. He and his team are running around claiming that Paul Ryan will end Medicare, he will gut it, and he will hurt seniors, blah, blah. The reality is that there is only one candidate who has gutted Medicare and hurt seniors and that is Barack Obama. Obama cut over 700 BILLION dollars from Medicare in order to fund Obamacare. Yes, Obama took nearly three quarters of a TRILLION dollars from the medical program that benefits seniors and moved it to a Socialist program to enslave everyone to government.

Team Obama denies this and is making the claim that Obama did not cut Medicare but he did. Here is a link to a 2009 interview with Jake Tapper where Obama admits that one third of the funding of Obamacare comes from cuts to Medicare. Obama then goes on to say he will veto any bill that tries to undo those cuts. Not only did Obama admit to robbing seniors of the money paid into Medicare but he then doubled down and told them he would veto anything that tried to put the money back.

And yet the media and the followers of Obama continue to claim Ryan will gut Medicare. Paul Ryan has a plan that will save Medicare for those currently on it and improve upon the system for those who will enter it later on. It would be wise to pay attention because Democrats love to lie and they love to rewrite history.

Obama lied, seniors died.

Harry Reid is another POS on the left who loves to demand the curtain be pulled back for everyone else but refuses to step from behind his fortress of lies. Harry Reid is demanding that Mitt Romany release his tax returns for the past decade and has publicly stated that Romney did not pay taxes for all those years. Harry Reid said that Romney paid no taxes and by extension implied that it was because he did something wrong (there is no indication that Romney did not pay taxes). If you have nothing to hide why not release those returns, right?

Harry Reid was raised in poverty, had a few low paying jobs and has been in public service (and I use that word loosely) for nearly his entire adult life. He started with meager means and is now a millionaire. This article presents a pretty good timeline on how Reid made the money and there is no doubt that it was through underhanded and illegal means. I am firmly convinced that Harry Reid broke the law on more than one occasion in order to get wealthy. In a just world he would be in prison.

Reid will not release his tax returns so there is no way of knowing the exact source of his income or if he even paid his taxes. He has no problem attacking Romney but he is not in favor of people seeing how he became very wealthy by misusing his position.

Democrats hate when they are exposed but seem to love to expose everything about their opponents. They also like to expose our Nation’s secrets. The Obama White House has more leaks than a screen door and that does not sit well with those in the business of secrets.

Once again, the curtain is pulled back exposing our secrets thus making our nation less secure.

If Obama kept our Nation’s secrets as well as he hides his personal records (birth records, college transcripts, passport information, etc) then we would not have to worry about leaks and our nation would be more secure.

It is also true that if Obama worked as hard to create jobs for us as he is to keep his own we would not have the worst economy and jobs picture in eighty years.

Democrats are bad for this nation. They do not care for the country and our way of life (if you cared you would not want to fundamentally transform it) so they will do anything to destroy us.

Don’t be a sheep. Vote this November to save this great nation.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Pulling Back the Curtains”

  1. Blake says:

    Ryan has been and wil continue to be the voice in the wilderness when it comes to the entitlements, Medicare, Social Security, and even the state-run Medicaid.
    They MUST be changed if any of it is to survive.