Public Service Equals Dollars For Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton is writing another book. After the success of My Lies for which he was paid 10 million dollars he has decided to write a book about public service that is supposed to encourage people to serve the public. Bill will reportedly be paid 5 million dollars for the effort.

The new book will cover the work of the Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit group the president set up to work on issues including AIDS, poverty, women’s empowerment and religious and racial reconciliation, Mr. Barnett said.

Mr. Clinton will also write about people he has worked with in the course of his post-presidency, a group which is likely to include both well-known figures like former President George H. W. Bush, as well as people working in the trenches of public service. Mr. Clinton worked with Mr. Bush on hurricane and tsunami recovery efforts.

Is this book really designed to encourage people to get involved or just another way to put money in Bill’s pockets? How much of a public service is it to write a book about public service but only for a huge sum of money? Seems to me that if her were really interested in getting people to serve the public he would write the book as a public service.

Source: New York Times

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One Response to “Public Service Equals Dollars For Clinton”

  1. Bosun says:

    Did not buy his last book. It was a ripoff. The kool-aide drinkers will line thier King’s pockets with silver.

    Not related but needs to be said: And of course, Madame Hillary’s coffers will fill because of Bill’s new found money faucet. If we do not get our act together during mid-term elections, and the lefti gets control. It will be a very bleak Presidential election. What is going to be really hard to handle is, “Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.”