Providing Clarity To The Moonbats

I got an email from the DNC from some moonbat named Brian Bond. Here is what he had to say:

Imagine for a moment that you’re Republican Bill Frist, the Senate’s Majority Leader, and you have the power and awesome responsibility to control what issues the Senate considers and when it considers them. Knowing everything you do about the crises facing our nation and the things that most concern Americans, would your top priority be to:

A) Force the administration to change its failed strategy in Iraq

B) Help consumers walloped by $3.00 a gallon gas and take steps to reduce our oil addiction

C) Pass the first minimum wage increase in 10 years and develop plans to create good jobs in America

D) Expand educational opportunities for college by providing relief from skyrocketing college tuition

E) Ensure access to health care for every American

F) Amend the Constitution to deprive gay people of equal rights under the law

As someone who cares deeply about this nation, its problems and its future, you probably said A, B, C, D, or E. But Republican Majority Leader Frist chose F.

Why? Because it’s an election year, and Republicans are in deep trouble. So they’ve decided that instead of addressing the things Americans really care about, they’re trying to change the subject and using wedge issues in hopes of distracting from their failures and dividing Americans to win elections.

This time, LGBT families are the pawns in their political game. And this time, the American Constitution is their political playing field.

Let us take a look at the moonbat talking points and address them. Iraq is not a failed policy despite what Murtha, Dean, Kerry and anyone else has to say. There have been some problems, that is the nature of war but when a country goes from a murderous dictatorship to freedom and holds several elections along the way, it can hardly be called a failed policy. This is the moonbat way of taking focus off their own who voted for the war and their feeble attempt to disparage the efforts of our brave men and women in uniform. But remember, they support the troops.

Gasoline is $3.00 a gallon and it is because of supply and demand. The Democrats have blocked new drilling and have not allowed new refineries. Oil companies make 8 cents a gallon while the government gets 4 to 6 times that in taxes. They want you to believe that oil companies are gouging you and ignore the fact that government, who does no work for the money, is not. Watch and see how many moonbats that want relief vote against drilling in ANWR. The donks don’t care about the price of gasoline. They have wanted it to be higher for years because of their environmental agenda. Now they have what they want and can blame it on a Republican administration.

The donks keep telling us that the minimum wage needs to go up yet they constantly vote to give ILLEGAL aliens amnesty so they can continue to work for less than minimum wage. With ILLEGALS taking jobs at lower wages no employer will pay American Citizens more to do the job regardless of what the federal minimum is. If they would actually do something to get rid of all the ILLEGALS, employers would experience a shortage of workers and would have to pay more to get them. This too is supply and demand, a concept that seems to have escaped them. Government does not need to be involved in all this. Every time they get involved, people get screwed.

College tuition costs money. Most of the members of Congress got a good education because their families had money to send them to expensive schools. The taxpayer should not foot the bill for people who want to go to college. College is not mandatory and people who want to go should pay their own way. I have no problem with low interest loans to students so long as they are repaid. The idea of giving out money for people to go to school is ridiculous. The government does not belong in the education business. Look how they have screwed up the public school system. Here is an idea though, make Yale take American kids with good grades instead of enrolling terrorists who have a fourth grade education. In addition, force the private colleges to lower their tuition just like they are trying to force oil companies to lower the cost of their product. If Congress truly believes that consumers are being gouged at the gas pump they should be incensed by the cost of private college tuition.

Americans have access to health care. They go to the emergency room frequently for minor problems and then don’t pay the bills. Taxpayers should not be paying for everyone else’s health care. Many people without health insurance choose not to enroll in a plan offered by their companies. The actual number of uninsured is low when one considers those who choose not to have it. If the government pays for people’s health care more people will opt out of company plans to get taxpayer provided insurance. If they want to do something, make all the doctors with student loans work for the government at government clinics treating those who are truly in need. Keep the doctors there until their loans are repaid.

The Constitutional amendment issue is to define marriage between one man and one woman. It has nothing to do with discrimination. People who are part of the LGBT community still have rights. The tradition of this country is the definition of marriage proposed in the amendment. It has come to this because the LGBT community is forcing its way on the American way of life. Activist judges have attacked this tradition so we need to do something more harsh. I believe that the amendment is not really necessary because marriage is an issue for states to deal with. States license people to get married and they have the right to define marriage as they see fit. If a state Constitution calls marriage between one man and one woman, the judges should leave it alone. If the liberals and their activist judges would stop legislating from the bench, this would not be an issue. Until then, look for the amendment.

There, I hope this cleared things up for Brian Bond. It is strange that the moonbats want to attack this issue when they are anti-gay. Dean set off a firestorm recently by discussing the marriage issue and then had to do the Democratic dance, the backpedal. Dean fired the guy in charge of gay relations for the donks because his “life partner” said some bad things about Dean. The donks are trying to refocus the debate and take the spotlight off their real aversion to homosexuals. The Democrats always court the gays when it is election time and then after the election, they ignore them. Remember Bill Clinton courting them with his vow to let open gays in the military? He had to do the dance when a lot of people opposed it and we ended up with don’t ask don’t tell.

It is an election year and the Democrats will promise everything to get back in power. They lie constantly and they have no moral values to form a decent platform. Their culture of corruption was shot to hell by all the corrupt Democrats and they will flip-flop on any issue. They will also forget every promise they made when the election is over. Count on it.

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3 Responses to “Providing Clarity To The Moonbats”

  1. Bosun says:

    Great Job. I never though of commenting on one of the DNC letters. You have done a great job, on this one.


  2. Webloggin says:

    What a great article. I especially like the part about College tuition. Forcing Oil Companies to reduce prices despite the prices set by market forces is anti-competitive and damaging. Perhaps the Oil companies should unionize. This is probably the best way to keep prices high and keep Democrats off their backs.

    The libs in Congress don’t raise too much noise about the skyrocketing cost of College Tuition because they fit the model of the liberal utopian fantasy, socialist teachers, anti-competitive environment, and union backed special interest groups that hold the dems in their pockets.

    The gay marriage thing is just stupid. This is along the same lines as class warfare. Where would the dems be without victims? Statistics don’t favor gay marriage, from a popular support perspective nor from a societal perspective. The problem isn’t that gays are allowed to marry; it is that allowing gay marriage diminishes traditional marriage. The end result will be less incentive to marry and a higher rate of out of wedlock children; both of which spell trouble for American society in the end as demonstrated in Scandinavian countries.

    Now, the dems will be very quick to try and diminish this fact. Don’t let them though. ABC news has an article that was published 17 hours ago that basically attacks conservative on their claims concerning the Scandinavian statistics on the woeful affect of gay marriage on Scandinavian society. The problem is that the authors are gay marriage activists whose numbers and statistics were torn apart by Stanley Kurtz as far back as 2 years ago. Yet here they are again today.

    But never let facts deter a lib. It’s much better to rely on loose statistics and misleading numbers; especially when a book is coming out that supports some liberal advocacy group.

  3. Webloggin says:

    Providing Clarity To The Moonbats…

    Trackback Comment: Great Article!!!