Protests Are Bothering Democrats

The Democrats knew they would catch hell during this break and so far there have been quite a few encounters with constituents that have gotten loud. None of them have gotten out of control and there was no violence like there is when liberal goons are involved. These meetings included Democrats and Republicans who were present to express their dissatisfaction with the health care overhaul.

The Democrats in office, the DNC, and the media wing of their party have been portraying the protesters as right wing extremists who are hell bent on destroying Obama. No matter what the make up of the audience is, it will be labeled as a bunch of conservatives and members of the vast right wing conspiracy. Even though people at the meetings describe themselves as Democrats, they are still identified as conservatives and helps to brand them as supremacists.

Senator Boxer said that the groups are well dressed people as if ordinary citizens cannot dress nicely. Nancy Pelosi said that the protesters are carrying swastikas and other offensive items (I challenge her to find such a thing). This is a lie and is designed to make it look like the Republicans or the conservatives are the problem.

The groups are not the right wing, they are Americans from all backgrounds and ideologies who do not believe in what is happening. The Democrats want you to believe they are united and it is the right holding things up. Keep this in mind, they have enough votes to pass it without one Republican vote. The problem is many Democrats do not want to vote for it because they are worried about reelection. The Dems are blaming this on the right to take the focus off their own members who oppose it.

As for the unruly mobs that the Democrats want you to think are involved, look at any video and you see people who are angry and talking out of turn and over each other but there is no violence. The people are only expressing themselves and are really letting their representatives have it when they hear a lie, or as the White House calls it, something fishy.

Harry Reid is not happy at all and says these protesters are trying to sabotage the Democratic process:

The Senate’s most powerful Democrat on Thursday scolded health care protesters dogging his party’s lawmakers at local meetings, arguing that some critics on the political right have run out of ideas—and ditched their civic manners. Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada accused the protesters of trying to “sabotage” the democratic process. Breitbart

Isn’t it amazing how when Democrats are out protesting, damaging property and attacking people they are being patriotic because they are dissenting but when people (identified as Republicans by Dems) are peacefully protesting the government’s actions they are “sabotaging” the Democratic process?

It is further amazing that Harry Reid would call people expressing their Constitutional rights as saboteurs. Not only are these folks exercising their right to free speech, they are also exercising their right to peaceably assemble. Harry Reid thinks this is getting in the way of progress. You read that right, a US Senator thinks that people who exercise their Constitutional rights are saboteurs. Is it any wonder we hold these people in contempt?

Stop the ACLU has a video of some of these right wing radicals. It features a bunch of senior citizens at an AARP meeting. The AARP representative is trying to explain why government health care is so great and why the seniors should like it. When people start to express their dissatisfaction the person holding the meeting ends it and leaves. The seniors all said they were going to cancel their membership in AARP and I hope they do. The AARP is only out to make money. They do not care about seniors, they care about advancing liberal positions.

I urge all seniors who belong to the AARP to cancel your memberships and ask for a refund. Then consider joining organizations like the 60 Plus Association or the American Seniors Association. Both of them believe in limited government and ending oppressive taxes. They have your interests in mind.

Keep the heat on the members of Congress. Do not let them get away with the lies about the plan. They will say anything to get this passed so they can control your lives. Don’t let them get away with telling you how great they can do things. They can’t run a post office, they can’t run Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, all of which are out of money or will be soon.

If you like going to the Department of Motor vehicles then you will love government health care. But keep in mind, if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it is free…

As for you seniors, keep giving them hell and then vote them out of office before they pass a health care bill that will kill you off.

Big Dog

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20 Responses to “Protests Are Bothering Democrats”

  1. Barbara says:

    The dems aren’t going to be happy until this winds up in US riots. People are fed up. I would never join the AARP even before this because they endorse abortions. God isn’t going to allow Obama and the dems to straighten out the economy. God has pulled His umbrella of protection off of America because we have turned away from Him. All this could be avoided if we went back to being a christian nation. If aetheist don’t like this, let them go to Germany or Russia.

  2. Blake says:

    I wonder if Sen. Boxer has thought that these people might have been dressed nicely because they were people who actually work, as opposed to ACORN people, you know, the nuts.

  3. Blake says:

    AARP is looking to shed risk in the form of sick old people, or their insurance won’t make money, so in return for their endorsement, they will get special dispensation from Pope Barama the first.
    End of Life consultations will be done by AARP, so the older people can see a “friendly” face.
    It’ll be like Soylent Green.

  4. Adam says:

    Meatbrain catches you in a lie again, I see.

    Here’s your challenge:

    Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that the protests at these events were illegitimate, in part because the protesters were carrying signs with “swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.” She was ridiculed by right-wing media for making an unsubstantiated charge in an effort to defame these grassroots demonstrators.

    Big Dog parroting lies from right wing media? Say it isn’t so. I would have never guessed it…

    • Big Dog says:

      How did I lie? The issue would now be, did this occur before or after Pelosi made the claim. I am sure that AFTER she made the claim there will be people from the left showing up to make this true.

      Besides, why should it bother you or Pelosi? You people carried the Nazi signs all during your Bush protests.

      I made the challenge. Show that it occurred before she made the claim.

      I also said that these people were all being portrayed as conservatives to make it seem as if they were the radicals. Prove that this person is not a liberal Democrat who is tired of Obama?

      The lie is that these rallies are all right wingers and that right wingers are holding up the swastikas. The first is definitely not the case and you cannot prove the second.

    • Blake says:

      Is this photoshopped? looks kind of like it. That sign looks like something a liberal might fake- perhaps the work of SEIU workers out of work.

  5. Adam says:

    I don’t care who carried a swastika, I just like it when you get caught repeating a right wing lie.

    The photo is taken from the July 29th Tea Party in Ft. Collins, CO, a week before Pelosi made her statement.

    Here is a photo gallery of the event that contains at least 1 photo of people the woman and her medicare sign and the woman in red holding the American flag.

    I can’t speak for the rest of what you say in the entry but I do know you have told at least 1 lie yourself for sure in the post when you repeat the idea that Pelosi was telling a lie about swastikas.

    • Big Dog says:

      It is not a lie. I said she told a lie but was incorrect. A lie is an intentional act to deceive. This is not the case.

      Interestingly, when Obama tells a lie you guys call it a mistake. I am not sure you know the difference.

      The post was about calling all protesters conservative (not true). If her inference is that these people are right wingers and that people are holding swastikas then her result is right wingers are holding swastikas. We cannot prove that unless you ask the lady.

      But once again, why does it matter. Did Pelosi ever say such a thing about you libs when you carried your Bush Hitler signs with swastikas? No, it is designed, as I said, to deceive.

      • Big Dog says:

        I did not see a swastika in those photos.

        • Adam says:

          The swastika image isn’t in that photo set but the people in the swastika photo are clearly in that photo set wearing the same clothes and holding the same signs so I think it should be clear at this point where and when the photo in question was taken.

          Don’t go all “why does it matter” when you clearly challenged Pelosi to find such images and they have been found and you are wrong. Call it a lie, call it a mistake, you are wrong either way.

          I guess if you think the protesters are not all conservative or right wing then I guess I’d like to see some evidence. I haven’t been paying much attention to the protests so I can’t say for sure myself.

        • Adam says:

          It’s funny the things that rile conservatives up. A war in Iraq based on false pretenses that has stretched on longer than WW II costing billions and thousands of American lives? Nada. Reform medicine to be more inclusive to the millions who go without insurance? Rage, rage!

        • Blake says:

          Adam- you are such a…. well, it is something I would have to scrape off of a shoe- the swastika is irrelevant- the people protesting are peaceful, not like the spoiled little entitled POS you hang with, who will not allow someone to talk without threatening bodily harm to the speakers.
          You are on the wrong side of history, and we will crowbar your ungrateful a$$e$ out of these seats in Congress and elsewhere.
          Be assured of that.

        • Blake says:

          This is not reform of medical care, it is the death of it, and of the capitalist system of profit, but you are ok with that. You are a very twisted individual – I can’t even call you a man.

        • Blake says:

          That is because Adam didn’t have the time to photoshop in the swastika.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Adam present the straw man argument. Because people oppose this particular bill we do not want reform. The reality is that there were over half a dozen reform bills that Democrats, including then Senator Obama, opposed.

    No Adam, we do not need to overhaul an entire system to cover the small percentage of people who are not covered. There are better ways but with you all it is this way and only this way.

    Maybe it is because you folks think no one should pay for their own insurance and those who work should foot the bill.

    An illogical argument Adam, just like Obamadinejad.

  7. ice9 says:

    I’ve seen several videos of town hall meetings disrupted by screaming, incoherent morans. I’ve seen detailed video conversations with people who haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about. I’ve seen videos and read accounts–dozens of them–claiming flat-out lies of the Obama health care reform package. I’ve seen dozens of videos, and attended one meeting in person, where protesters disrupted the proceedings with no regard for message, conversation, civility, dialogue, etc. In all this process, I’ve heard exactly one credible complaint against liberal or democratic people–that the SEIU folks got in and occupied prime seats in the Tampa forum. The rest–100%–were far-right screamers. That’s y’all. No facts, no civility, no dialogue, scare claims, violent rhetoric, shouting, chanting, all of it. The irony of course is that the people are either shills for corporate interests, who talk about principles but are really protecting their profit motive, or people who have been maneuvered into acting against their own best interests by people playing on ignorance and fear.

    Where have you seen this face recently?

    Here’s how you will be remembered for your principled stand:

    Here’s your patron saint:

    Though maybe the bigots got the last laugh–they’ve controlled national politics since then, because they’re the only folks in the union comfortably and dangerously certain of their own infallibility.

    The crowbar comment certainly suggests that your side is ready to roll up sleeves and work hard for a grinding, difficult political victory. All the best on that, but if you are determined, why are you destroying any chance of success? Why are you behaving in a way that alienates the voters, irreparably damages your credibility (if any remains after the Bush administrations), and commits yourself to campaigns of hateful misinformation that are easily debunked, such as the current run of idiotic lies about the Obama plan? Those are the short-term strategies of the insane. I for one would welcome a moderate and sensible opposition; after all, Bush has gifted the Obama administration with a dangerous precedent of unilateral executive action that is violently unconstitutional. Not much to stop him using it–good thinkin’! But no; you love Glenn Beck and he is leading you, chanting and shouting, off a cliff. Good luck with that; we’ll negotiate with the survivors, crowbars and all.



    • Big Dog says:

      Of course they were only incoherent to people like you.

      Funny how they are shills for the corporate world but SEIU is not a shill for anyone.

      You are another liberal who lives off the taxpayer.

      You want this country to remove our freedoms. Fine, give yours up but leave mine alone.

    • Blake says:

      I find it laughable that the protests against Tancredo regarding illegal immigration were extremely disruptive, making these town halls appear remarkably civilized, and the demonstrations against the Minutemen were abominable, but nowhere do I hear your voice-
      Can you say “Hypocrisy?” because that is what you are practicing here.
      You are just disturbed that the right got up off of their couches and now you are afraid, because it is the right that volunteers to keep our country safe, and you should fear them some, because unlike you, they have a backbone and know how to fight for freedom.
      You, on the other hand, haven’t a clue.

    • Blake says:

      Negotiate with the SURVIVORS? What in God’s name leads you to the fallacious conclusion that you would survive the first five MINUTES?
      Your innate knowledge of WIKIPEDIA? Ooooh- I am tremblin’ now.

    • Blake says:

      oh and Ice Ice baby- use spell check- it is truly handy for the illiterate.