Protestors Have no Right to Violence or Destruction

The liberals in our country love to protest. They will form a group and protest at the drop of a hat. In their “screw the man” mentality and their desire to either relive their hippie days or pass those golden years on to their offspring (the ones they have not murdered through abortion) they protest the most mundane things. I have no problem with the protests so long as they are following the laws. The unfortunate truth is, many do not and then they cry that their rights have been violated when they are arrested. I have problems where protests are organized by ILLEGALS as well. The Constitution does not allow ILLEGALS to protest or do much of anything else because the rights in it only apply to our citizens, but that is a topic for another time.

Recently, protesters in Michigan State University College of Law tried to stop a speech given by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. The hooligans committed many crimes including pulling fire alarms, assault, and vandalism. People were punched, spit upon and tires were slashed. All this to prevent a Congressman from giving a speech on immigration reform. The Constitution gives people the right to peaceably assemble so acts of violence and vandalism do not quite fit the bill. Protesters have the right to carry signs and demonstrate so long as they do so peacefully. When they break the law, they are no longer protected under the Constitution. It comes as no surprise that people who protest for others to be able to commit illegal acts would themselves commit illegal acts.

Liberals protest a hell of a lot more than Conservatives. It is just in their make-up, encoded in their genes but when Conservatives do protest we hardly, if ever, read about them getting violent or destroying property. Most of the time a liberal is speaking Conservatives leave that person alone and let him speak. There are no acts of violence or vandalism because as Conservatives, we realize that person has the right to speak. Conversely, Liberals make every attempt to silence speech that does not agree with their beliefs. Coulter gets pies thrown at her, Steele Oreo cookies and Tancredo draws nuts who assault people and vandalize property. It was also Liberals who protested military recruiters at the University of California, Santa Cruz committing acts of violence and vandalism. Recruiters left in order to prevent students from getting hurt. All of this was in violation of the Solomon Act and yet, no one has removed their federal funding as called for under the law.

It is unfortunate that Liberals in institutions of higher learning can not allow those with whom they disagree to speak on campus. The Liberals have run the show for so long they believe that they have the right to trample on everyone else’s rights. Therefore, a group of College Republicans gets caught in the crossfire whenever they invite a Conservative speaker. Those very Republican students do not interfere when the College Democrats invite people like Michael Moore to express his views. They just do not participate.

So tell me again, which party is more tolerant?

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One Response to “Protestors Have no Right to Violence or Destruction”

  1. Jo says:

    And isn’t is odd that it seems only Conservatives “get” it when it comes to those freedoms.