We Fail to Protect Our Most Vulnerable

I want — no, need — someone to explain to me how we have devalued human life so much that it has become commonplace to toss babies out of cars or leave them in dumpsters. When I read about the latest story from North Lauderdale, Florida, something snapped. Honestly, I don’t care what the mother’s (and I use that term loosely) sad story is. She threw her perfectly health son, wrapped in a plastic bag, from a moving car. He was one hour old. No excuse could possibly justify her actions.

We need to question what possesses these “parents” to feel such little regard for the life they created. Ultimately, that’s the real problem. So, how are we as a society teaching these prospective parents to undervalue their baby’s life? Could it possibly result from our country embracing both the concept and practice of abortion? I believe that’s exactly the problem.

On January 27, a Virginia man beat his four-month-pregnant girlfriend to death with a baseball bat. He didn’t intend to kill his girlfriend; he just wanted to terminate her pregnancy. The state can’t charge him with capital murder because he only intended to kill the “fetus.” There’s little doubt he believed he was giving his girlfriend a cheap, homemade abortion.

The courts even allow murdering mothers off the hook when they argue the post-partum defense. Recently, a Georgia woman who had shaken her 5-week-old daughter to death was given sterilization as her punishment. While this may stop her from killing again, it certainly does nothing to punish her for the daughter she murdered. The court essential ignored the death of an innocent baby.

Our society, our laws and our courts fail to protect those whom are incapable of protecting themselves — those citizens who need our protection the most. Not only have we embraced abortion as an acceptable procedure, we justify the use of partial-birth abortion. We change terminology to make it all sound more tolerable: fetus, instead of baby; Planned Parenthood, instead of planned abortion; terminate a pregnancy, instead of kill the baby. We’ve sanitized the procedure to make it acceptable. In doing that, we have devalued the life of the unborn infant.

By medical and legal consensus, it was determined when “life begins” — as if we have the right to determine that point. Since then, we have managed to move that point around to suit political and social whims. Now, the courts have further exacerbated the issue by letting murdering parents off with a slap on the wrist. Is it any wonder that new, young or prospective parents who attempt to kill their babies don’t understand the enormity of their crime?

We must protect our most vulnerable and innocent. We are failing them — miserably.

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