Proof of Collusion

There has been a media storm surrounding the explosives that were supposedly lost by Bush and our soldiers. As we now know, the weapons were gone before we got there. The NYT and CBS were fighting over who would get the exclusive to this story. The NYT decided to run with the story and like the hand puppet he is, Kerry jumped on the bandwagon and started bashing the President. It is unlikely this supposed October surprise was happenstance. There was definitely coordination between the MSM and the Kerry camp. Today Kerry released an ad that mentions the missing explosives. He had to have known in advance in order to have an ad ready. The Kerry web site has this ad and the accompanying video.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kerry and his minions were in bed with the MSM on this one. They were waiting to release it on 60 Minutes the Sunday before the election. Earlier I discussed the big story that was going to be released over the weekend that Kerry would have to answer. There is speculation the NYT released the explosives story to take the sting out of whatever was released.

Given that the only thing the WaTimes story did was reaffirm that Kerry was a liar, perhaps the republicans made a big deal about a show stopper on Monday to get the Kerry camp to play its cards early. I think it is within the realm of possibility that the republicans created a lot of hype to make the donks nervous. They made them show their October surprise early so that they would have time to refute it. It is amazing that Kerry and the MSM would try to doctor up a story that was already in the news 18 months ago and make it look new.

I guess what is more interesting is that Kerry is still on the stump blaming Bush for explosives that were missing prior to our arrival. This made the Kerry camp look silly but it also did a few other things. It made Kerry admit there were WMD. What else would you call explosives that could level buildings and take out airplanes? It made Kerry admit that if someone could get 400 tons of explosives out they could do the same with other WMD. It also made Kerry and Edwards admit that we should have gone in earlier. If we are to blame for them being gone then the only cure would have been to go in earlier. The last thing it made Kerry admit was that by messing around with the UN we gave Iraq a chance to move the explosives.

My question is if Kerry can not plan and execute something this small how in the world can we expect him to plan and execute something bigger, like a war?

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