Proof Admin “Fixed” WMD Evidence

In doing some research over the past few days, I came across some startling information. Now, this information is available to anyone and likely has been perused and cast aside by many in the media. However, the revelation exposed by this information is truly shocking. It proves that the administration conspired to skew information against Iraq in order to bolster a possible call to war.

According the Butler Report — which is essentially the British equivalent of the 9/11 Commision Report, the administrations of the US and Britain launched a program called “Operation Mass Appeal” (OMA). This program sole purpose was to disclose or advertise, if you will, information regarding Iraq and its WMDs to the public. Both administrations wanted to publicize information on Iraq’s WMDs that could not be acted upon or proven by UNSCOM, the United Nations Special Commission on weapons disarmament in Iraq.

It comes as no surprise to our loyal readers that former marine and weapons inspector Scott Ritter was reportedly a spokesman for this “secret” program. One of the program’s main goals was to divulge information that traces of the nerve agent VX had been found on missile warheads. Iraq had denied ever producing VX. Ritter continued with his OMA role until he resigned his UNSCOM post. The program was terminated shortly afterwards since much of the information had already been leaked to the press.

When did all this take place? If the Butler Report is to be believed, OMA began and ended in 1998. (Ritter, however, claimed it the program began ealier than 1997.) That’s right. The Clinton administration “fixed” the intelligence of Iraq’s WMDs in order to manipulate the UN and prepare a defensive argument for war. Apparently, some Dems have short memories. It also proves the MSM only reports whatever supports their current assertion — which is usually left-leaning.

Reference: The Butler Report: Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction, pages 120-121, paras. 485-489.
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3 Responses to “Proof Admin “Fixed” WMD Evidence”

  1. Big Dog says:

    So during the administration of a draft dodger enlisted a traitor to spread lies to conjure up a reason for war with Iraq?

    And they say Bush lied to go to war.

  2. Surfside says:

    Succinctly put — as always. The exception is the traces of VX were actually detected. So, there really were WMDs of the worst kind somewhere in Iraq as as late as 1998. Somehow, the Libs and MSM seemed to miss that reference too.

  3. Big Dog says:

    VX is O-ethyl S- [2-(diisoproylamino) ethyl] methylphosphonothiolate

    The IDLH (Immediatly Dangerous to Life and Health) amount is 0.003 mg/cubic meter. It is classified as a Lethal Nerve Agent. And Hussein did not have WMD