Profiling By The Democrats?

Let me start off by saying that I am not in favor of turning over the control of our ports to a foreign owned company, especially one that is from a country with ties to terrorism. The Bush Administration has allowed the sale to Dubai Ports World and this has caused some concern among Democrats, of all people. The company has been checked and they have all the security requirements so the sale was approved. The Mayor of Baltimore, a city with an affected port, has expressed extreme dissatisfaction. He has other problems to worry about like manipulating crime figures [statistics, not people] but that is another story.

The Democrats, the same ones who will not allow us to search Middle Eastern people before they get on airplanes, will not allow us to tighten up our borders to keep illegals out, and who welcome illegals with open arms (for the votes) are openly opposing diversity. They say it is in the name of security but we know they are weak on that so there must be an underlying motive.

Perhaps their union buddies will get screwed, or a friend did not get the work, but in any event it shows a new side of the moonbats. They are actually opposed to a company because it comes from a part of the world that sanctions terrorism. Seems to me that never made a big deal to them when we listened to phone calls from those people, or when we decided to go into Iraq, or a number of other things that were all based on ties to terrorism. Hell, the Democrats want all the detainees released and we KNOW they are tied to terrorism. Why should they worry about a company that has all the necessary security measures in place?

Perhaps the moonbats don’t like the idea of dark skinned people running a business. That is why Paul Hackett says we were in Iraq, because they were different. In all actuality, it is more likely that the company did not give big campaign donations to the Democrats. That is how you get things from them. China got Top-Secret missile guidance systems from Clinton just by sending money. Clinton gave North Korea nuclear technology in exchange for who knows what? All a company has to do to get access to things that could undermine our safety is pay the Democrats a lot of money.

As I stated, I have some problems with the sale but I have to ask, which makes us safer, selling to a company that has passed the security requirements or having the New York Times print classified information? Better yet, letting Democrats take the lead on anything dealing with national security.

Source: Reuters

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