Pro Palestinian Clooney Advises Obama

Barack Obama is said to be unnerved by the celebrity tag applied to him by the McCain camp. Obama does not like the ads depicting him as a mega star and he has called such ads a distraction from the issues (though Obama has recently put out a similar “distracting” ad). I wrote before that if Obama did not want to be viewed as some kind of celebrity then perhaps he needs to stop hanging out with celebrities or acting like them.

The sainted one has not learned. He has been hanging out with ultra liberal George Clooney who has been providing advice on how the sainted one can polish his image. Clooney is an actor whose profession is to make people think he is something that he is not. This is a perfect fit for Obama because he is trying to make us think he is something that he certainly is not.

Clooney has tried to keep his contact with Obama under wraps so that the liaison will not damage Obama’s chances at the White House. In other words, Clooney the ultra liberal knows that being an ultra liberal will not sit too well with a majority of this country. He does not want people to make the connection that Obama is as much an ultra liberal because he wants Obama to win.

Clooney text messages Obama and talks to him once or twice a week with advice. For instance, Clooney told Obama that he needed to be more balanced on issues such as US-Israel relations. Clooney is pro Palestinian which means he is on the side of the people who do not recognize Israel’s right to exist and who want support terrorist organizations that are hell bent on destroying Israel. Nice. I am unsure if Clooney wants Obama to be more balanced as in not so favorable toward Israel or more balanced to give an appearance that he supports Israel. Given Obama’s associations with anti-Semitic pastors and so called leaders it is a safe bet that Obama is no friend of Israel.

One of the last things America needs is advice on how we should be run by George Clooney. This is a guy who could not run his own life, who is a past drug abuser (just like Obama), who abuses alcohol and who has slept with countless women. Then again, this guy is perfect for the Democratic nomination…

If Obama wants people to stop thinking of him as some kind of celebrity then he needs to stop hanging around with and taking advice from the very people who help get him labeled with the celebrity tag.

Barack Hussein Obama and George Clooney are two peas in a very liberal pod. God help us if Obama wins especially if he is taking advice from Clooney a man who could not pour water from a pail if the directions were written on the bottom.

Daily Mail UK

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4 Responses to “Pro Palestinian Clooney Advises Obama”

  1. Reason says:

    Can’t entertainers like actors and singers stick to their jobs? I don’t care if they send money to various causes, quietly promote this or that candidate, or exercise their right as private citizens. I just don’t like this spot light campaigning and such, it makes me want to avoid their films & music because I don’t want to put money in their pockets that will make its way to causes I don’t believe in or ideologies I don’t agree with.

    Like Church and State I’d rather keep my entertainment and politics separate for the most part. But sometimes they just won’t let me…

  2. nanc says:

    cloonatick advising hussein obamunist on foreign policy would be akin to a nascar driver advising teddicus chappiquidicus on proper driving etiquette, no?

  3. Jessica witlock says:

    Excuse me, dont forget about our current alcholic president George Bush who is a saint.. and for you all to believe this non sense shows how gullible you can be. And even if he is pro palestinian why would it matter… thats his opinion and everyone is entitled to their own

  4. Big Dog says:

    Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion unless the opinion is that Obama should not be president. then we are all racists who are not entitled to an opinion.