Pro Choice Liberals Not So Much So

Everyone knows that liberals are intolerant. If people do not believe what they believe then they attack and ban. They don’t like meat, you can’t eat it. They don’t like guns, you can’t have one. Don’t agree with their messiah, well you sir, are a raaaaacist……

Nanny Bloomberg in New York is a typical liberal. I know he changed from the Republican Party to an Independent but he has always been liberal. He is very happy to ban tobacco use, trans-fatty foods, salt and large drinks because he knows better than you how to live your life. And God knows he wants to ban guns…

I thought liberals claimed they were all for choice. If a woman wants to have an abortion then liberals believe she should be able to do so. Women should have that choice. Hell, they believe it so much so that they will not limit abortions. Women, according to liberals, should be able to get an abortion at any time, at any age, and at taxpayer expense. They even believe that a woman should be able to have an abortion just seconds before a baby is born and if by chance that child actually survives the attempt on its life, liberals think the woman should be able to choose to leave her baby on a table somewhere to die.

This is the kind of choice that women can make no questions asked and without any interference whatsoever.

Let the rest of us choose to consume tobacco, salt, fatty foods, or large sugary drinks and Bloomberg is right there to stop us from doing harm because he knows oh so much.

Ironically, the same Michael Bloomberg who thinks that reproductive choice is a fundamental human right (as opposed to the fundamental human right not to be murdered) does not think women should have free choice in how they feed their newborn babies (should they decide to choose life).

Yep, you can choose to abort your baby and that is a fundamental human right BUT if you want to feed your baby formula rather than breastfeeding, Nanny has something for you. Bloomberg is working to have hospitals lock up formula to force women to breastfeed and he wants a record kept with a medical reason for issuing a bottle and formula.

How about the idea of choice? How about if the woman wants to use formula?

Personally, I think breastfeeding is best for the baby. However, that is a choice that the mother (and in a perfect world the father) will take. This choice, unlike the choice of abortion, does not murder the child. Formula is just fine for babies but it is just not as good as breast milk (not to mention the bonding that takes place).

No matter, it is up to women to decide how to feed their children.

The left is not about choice, it is about control. It wants to control what you consume and how you live your life. It wants your guns because they can control you if you have no means to resist. It wants abortion because that controls certain demographics and ensures the feminist vote. It wants to control how you feed your child because it knows better than you how to raise your kid.

To them it takes a village (and the political elite) to raise a child.

No matter what, they are only pro choice when it comes to abortion. Choose to own a gun, consume tobacco, fats, salt or sugary drinks and they are out in full force to prevent you from making your own choice.

Liberal elitists like Bloomberg are dangerous and need to be stopped. We must ensure we remove these kinds of people from office and take away their ability to control us.

That is right. They can let us have our liberty or we can come take it.

The choice is theirs.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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