Privacy Act Covers CIA Leaker?

The CIA has fired a worker for leaking classified information. They will not release the person’s name or what information was leaked citing the privacy act. Where is the drive by media on this one? Why are they not demanding this person’s name? The privacy act did not keep the government or the DBM from disclosing all kinds of information about Libby, Rove and any other person involved in the Plame non-leak case.

“The officer has acknowledged unauthorized discussions with the media and the unauthorized sharing of classified information,” said CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano. “That is a violation of the secrecy agreement that everyone signs as a condition of employment with the CIA.”

This is interesting and I would just love this to be the person who told about Valerie Plame. Though I contend that she was not covert, I wonder how many in the media and how many liberals will then tell us that no crime was committed because Plame was not under cover. The media did that when they were defending Matthew Cooper. They wrote to the court stating that no laws had been broken because Plame was not under cover. Then, after Cooper was safe they pounced on anything Republican to find out who illegally leaked the name. The DBM would go to bat for the CIA person and still blame the Bush administration though it would be fun to see their faces when they realized that the administration had nothing to do with the leak and that it was the CIA…

Speculation on my part, but it would be fun.

Source: Fox News

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