Prince Charles, A Royal Pain

Prince Charles was speaking at a dinner reception and he described as “sheer madness” those who are skeptical on calls for rapid change on the environment. Charles said that the private sector has a particularly important role to play. His remarks about madness were:

“If I may speak plainly among friends, this is sheer madness. The scientific facts are as plain as they are alarming. Worryingly in the last few months we have learnt[sic] that the North Polar ice cap is melting so fast that some scientists are predicting that in seven years it will completely disappear in summer.” Trinidad News

Charles, like Al Gore, has aligned with scientists who have latched onto the teat of the global warming cash cow while disregarding those scientists who are skeptical about the whole idea. The southern ice cap is getting larger, a fact that is ignored when discussing polar bears clinging to life on run away parcels of ice.

Of course Prince Charles would put the onus on the private sector. He is not part of that sector and does not have much of a real job. His family has castles and mansions all over and they jet around all over the world. I imagine the royal family’s carbon footprint is much larger than just about anyone else’s in the UK and yet it is up to others to correct the situation.

There are scientists on both sides of this equation but those who do not believe in the doomsday predictions are castigated by the global warming crowd. The GW supporters stand to make a great deal of money by selling a hoax to the public at large. The state of Maryland has decided that carbon emissions would be reduced by a whopping 90% by 2050 despite the fact that no technology exists to accomplish this task. The answer provided by those who enacted this lunacy is that there will be appropriate technology by 2050. I will more than likely be dead by then but I dare say they will not accomplish this pipe dream.

However, let us suppose that we could spend an unlimited amount of money on the problem. The benefit would be minimal at best. Even if every country were able to reduce emissions the temperature would rise and drop as it has done for millions of years and long before man set foot upon this planet. Warming and cooling trends are part of the cyclic nature of the weather and nothing man does will change that fact.

The sheer madness is allowing someone like Prince Charles or Al Gore to dictate science and set an agenda that is unachievable and costly.

This is what happens when influential people have nothing better to do.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Prince Charles, A Royal Pain”

  1. USpace says:

    Everyone should watch this ‘inconvenient’ movie ‘The Great Global Warming Scandal’.

    Basically, these scientists are on the same UN list of scientists the UN uses to convince the world that every scientist agrees that global warming is man-made.

    Basically, solar activity and sun spots cause warming. Eventually the oceans warm up and then release even more carbon-dioxide.

    So, carbon dioxide increases follow global warming, they don’t cause it.

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