President Speaks About Four Years of War

The President spoke today, the fourth anniversary of the war on terror in Iraq. We all know that this active war started four years ago but that we have been fighting Islamic extremism for decades. After 9/11 our country finally decided that enough was enough and we took the war to the enemy. There are many who disagree with this and they have dominated the media with their anti American protests and pro terrorists agenda. On Saturday 17 March, 2007 they were out in Washington DC to protest.

An amazing thing happened that day. Just as our country finally awakened on 9/11, tens of thousands of veterans awakened on 17 March and they were out in full force to say, “no more.” We will not allow you people to dominate the debate in this country. We will not allow you to decide the path that is taken. We will not allow you to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as you did in Vietnam. President Bush concluded his speech with:

Four years after this war began, the fight is difficult, but it can be won. It will be won if we have the courage and resolve to see it through. I’m grateful to our servicemen and women for all they’ve done and for the honor they brought to their uniform and their country. I’m grateful to our military families for all the sacrifices they have made for our country. We also hold in our hearts the good men and women who’ve given their lives in this struggle. We pray for the loved ones they have left behind.

The United States military is the most capable and courageous fighting force in the world. And whatever our differences in Washington, our troops and their families deserve the appreciation and the support of our entire nation.

We are the most capable fighting force in the world and our veterans are still highly trained and highly patriotic. We are fighting the enemy at home so our men and women can fight the enemy abroad. We will not allow these people to stab our troops in the back like the did in Vietnam and we will not let today’s anti war protesters have an unabated approach to public office. That is right, no future John Kerry stood in the anti war crowd on Saturday because we will never again let that happen to us.

For a long time veterans felt that we did our jobs and that the country and its people would do the right thing. Unfortunately, we were complacent all the years those festering pus pockets built up and corrupted our nation. This sleeping giant has awakened and we have this to say to you, anti war crowd:


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3 Responses to “President Speaks About Four Years of War”

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  2. TexasFred says:

    BD, you know how I feel about this thing, I honestly believe Bush is a no warfighting buffoon, and I feel that we need to send in a lot more troops than we have in theater right now, a lot more…

    And those troops need to be turned loose and allowed to get this job done…

    But I feel that the hands of the troops, from the top all the way down, have been tied by our president in his desire to not offend anyone with HIS war…

    Hells bells, give the troops the order and they’ll go to the gates of hell and shoot the devil himself, why won’t Bush let our guys DO that??

    Is he that set in his ‘globalist’ notions??

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