President Bush Makes It Clear

President Bush gave a speech in which he disclosed previously unknown information with regard to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. The president also made it clear that the US will not withdraw until the mission is accomplished. Here are some items Bush disclosed, some of which by the way, are exactly what I have been saying about OBL all along.

One document Bush cited was what he called “a grisly al-Qaida manual” found in 2000 by British police during an anti-terrorist raid in London, which included a chapter called “Guidelines for Beating and Killing Hostages.” He also cited what he said was a captured al-Qaida document found during a recent raid in Iraq. He said it described plans to take over Iraq’s western Anbar province and set up a governing structure including an education department, a social services department, a justice department and an execution unit.

The White House also unveiled a letter from bin Laden to Taliban leader Mullah Omar in which he wrote about plans for a “media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government” so the people will pressure leaders to retreat in the fight.

Bush also quoted bin Laden saying:

– “Death is better than living on this Earth with the unbelievers among us.”

– Al-Qaida can cause the U.S. economy to collapse by implementing a “bleed-until-bankruptcy plan.”

– The defeat of American forces in Beirut in 1983 is proof America does not have the stomach to stay in a fight. “In Somalia, the United States pulled out, trailing disappointment, defeat and failure behind it,” Bush said bin Laden wrote.

– “The most serious issue today for the whole world is this third world war that is raging in Iraq. … The whole world is watching this war and that it will end in victory and glory or misery and humiliation.”

Bush said a democratic Iraq is a threat to bin Laden’s aspirations.

“That is why we must not, and we will not, give the enemy victory in Iraq by deserting the Iraqi people,” Bush said.

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4 Responses to “President Bush Makes It Clear”

  1. jay says:

    So..does this mean Bush is going to start going after those responsible for 9/11? Goodie!

  2. Right Truth says:

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