Pre-Thanksgiving Open Trackback

In preparation of the approaching holiday and the associated busiest travel day of the season, I am having an open trackback party. This is in spite of TTLB’s decision not to include them because I don’t care….

If you have a post you would like to trackback to here, have at it. Trackback as many times as you like and have fun doing it.

I will say it now for those who might be leaving for an extended weekend, Happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling please be careful and remember to watch out for the police because they are watching out for you.

You know how it works so have at it. If you can not TB or have trouble, try the Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger.

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12 Responses to “Pre-Thanksgiving Open Trackback”

  1. Torches, Pitchforks, and Roasted Bear Open TB Fest

    See Open trackbacks won’t die!

    Rules are simple, you link your post to me, send a trackback. I’ll update this post with your URLS. Help boost TFM to the top of the blogosphere so when I become a higher being I’ll rule the Blogosphere. Take that N…

  2. The Knucklehead of the Day award

    Goes to Home Depot.

  3. From France: What Fires? What Riots?

    It is a matter of riots in certain neighborhoods around urban centers, those infamous ghettos which one finds in American Cities too. Elsewhere life goes on as usual.

  4. Stop Funding NOLA Katrina Recovery

    I’m asking everyone who reads this to take a moment and contact their Congressional representation and ask them to turn off the tap for New Orleans Katrina recovery, at least until our local politicians clean up their act or we have elections to boot …

  5. IRIS Blog says:

    IRIS Exposes Reporters Stealing Others’ Errors

    Journalists repeatedly act like students cheating on an exam, where the same error propagates around the room because of “group-think.” Here are some that eluded fact checkers multiple times:Set 1:

    1. “Egypt, a political trendsetter that accounts…

  6. IRIS Blog says:

    Hizbut Tehrir Behind French Intifada

    IRIS was probably the first to make a comprehensive case that the discontent and separatist hatred expressed in the French riots were exploited by Islamists and channelled into an intifada. I predicted that over time the facts would make this much clearer

  7. IRIS Blog says:

    Strategic Victory Achieved in the Ongoing War Against Israel

    A must-read, but understated, editorial from the Jerusalem Post:

    The Rafah Border Crossing Deal
    How committed are the Palestinians themselves to preventing weapons from being smuggled from Egypt into the Gaza Strip, or from the Gaza Strip into Israel?

  8. IRIS Blog says:

    Evidence the “Paris Riots” Are Actually the “French Intifada”

    This entry will be updated regularly, because it may be the only comprehensive documentation of the Intifada-like elements of the French rioting.

    Note: This contrarian thesis, articulated first in a comprehsive way here first, has now begun to be expre

  9. Alison says:

    Thanks for cross posting on Jack last week. Have done likewise to you this week

    & of course
    Happy Thanksgiving from the UK

  10. Random Yak says:

    Thanksgiving Open Trackbacks

    Open Trackback Thanksgiving at the Yaks’ Our Thanksgiving wish to you: may your turkey taste good and your relatives fall asleep before they can start fighting.While you’re waiting for the

  11. Black Americans support ANWR oil drilling

    This is something that Republicans should give some thought to: The National Leadership Network of Conservative African Americans released a press article pointing out that by drilling for oil domestically in Alaska, it can help minority communities …

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