Practice For Biden

Joe Biden from Delaware, who I think is an insincere crack pot, is interested in being the President. He tried to be the President before but he got caught using someone else’s words in a speech and he was out of the race. Biden was recently speaking to some people and he said he would be a good leader but could take or leave the job. Make no mistake about it, the man wants to be President. He had this to say about the whole issue:

“I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep.”

The first thing is I hope he would prefer this to when the children are awake. Having to deal with the thought of this man having sex could ruin a young person’s life. In all seriousness, Biden was only telling the audience that he would be practicing with his wife what he intends to do to America and its people should he ever become elected.

The man is a habitual liar and he is a left wing lunatic. He was one of the people who tried to discredit Alito and Roberts, as if Biden is a wealth of judicial knowledge. He could not lead a group of people out of a burning building so we sure don’t want him leading the country.

Source: The Hill

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