Postal Service Goes…Postal

The United States Postal Service is seeking more than your packages and letters. The USPS placed a solicitation for bids for ammunition in a variety of calibers. The solicitation was placed on 31 January and closes on 10 February.

Notice how the solicitation changed to specifically claim it is for their law enforcement and postal inspectors. Seems to me they saw the posting about this at Info Wars and changed it (note the dates). They are ordering multiple calibers. They might need rifle and pistol ammo but how many rifles should we expect postal police officers to have?

While millions of gun owners still scrounge for ammunition the Federal Government is buying it up by the billions. The purchases are from many different agencies that one would think would not need firearms or ammunition. NOAA, the Social Security Administration and Department of Education don’t need an over abundance of firearms or ammo (discounting the small amount needed by their respective law enforcement arms). The amount purchased is well above what a reasonable person would think normal.

The Federal Government is stockpiling ammunition and doing so through straw purchases. It is using other federal agencies to purchase ammo for it so as to avoid suspicion.

It appears as if the government is preparing for civil unrest and it is making sure it is well equipped to handle the chaos.

Funny how it is illegal for citizens to engage in straw purchases. if you purchase a firearm for another person you get in trouble.

The government and the purchasing agencies will try to explain these purchases away (see note above) but don’t be fooled. They are arming to the teeth right under our noses.

Maintain a high index of suspicion.

Perhaps this is legitimate but I would think the Federal Government could use a central purchasing agency and then distribute the ammo that way.

In any event, be sure you are prepared.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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