Port Workers to Undergo Background Checks

This is an interesting bit of information given that the Dubai port deal was tanked not very long ago. I wrote at the time that security at the ports was terrible and that there were many, many people who enter each day who have criminal records and pose a threat to our security. Well, here is the response to those problems:

Answering criticism about security gaps at U.S. seaports, the Bush administration said Tuesday it will conduct background checks on an estimated 400,000 port workers to ensure they do not pose a terrorist threat.

This is welcome but one would assume that this had been done prior to hiring them. I imagine this will involve quite a few people in New York where many of the problems were found to exist. It will be interesting to see if the labor unions oppose this move. They were so big on security when they wanted to keep the Arabs out but how concerned will they be when some of their union brothers might lose their jobs?

It will also be interesting to see how the klaxon Clinton and Schumer chime in on this. Will they say it is necessary for security or will they say it is a witch hunt? I am just curious but I imagine if their puppet masters in the labor unions balk they will start to squawk?

Source: Breitbart

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