Politics Is Not Golf, Lowest Score Does Not Win

We saw the beginnings of a new concept emerge during the 2000 election. George W. Bush won the election because he had the most votes in Florida. Every recount has confirmed that, and despite all the attempts by the Democrats to prove otherwise, he had the most votes. There are those who will say that he was appointed by the court but they conveniently forget that Al Gore began the legal battle, it just did not go his way. If it had, the donks would have been perfectly happy with their “court appointed” President. So what new concept were the Democrats rolling out? They believe that the person with the fewest votes should win.

An argument can be made that Bush did not receive as many votes in the election as Gore if the conclusion is based solely on the popular vote. In this Republic, the Electoral College is what decides the outcome. Our founders set it up this way to allow fair representation of all citizens and prevent 6 or 7 well populated areas from dictating what the rest of the country had to do. Under the EC system, the election is more fair and therein lies the problem. The donks do not want fair. Their definition of fair is what takes place when they win. Any other outcome was unfair in their minds.

In 2004 we saw Kerry amass lawyers in his little SWAT team that were supposed to swoop into any disputed area and immediately file lawsuits. Kerry believed that Gore waited too long to take legal action and he was not going to make the same mistake. It did not matter to Kerry that Bush had more votes, he felt Gore waited too long. Another concept of fair for the left is that if they can not get what they want through established procedures, they file lawsuits and allow judges to make the policy for them. The only problem Kerry ran in to is that there were too many votes against him to overcome. Like Florida in 2000, Ohio became the battleground. George Bush soundly thrashed Kerry in Ohio but, as is their wont, the donks declared there were irregularities in the voting process. Unfortunately for Kerry, the margin was just too huge to overcome and though he said that voting irregularities had occurred, he felt he should concede. The liberal establishment was up in arms and declared that Kerry should have won. He was the man everyone wanted to run this country. Though more people voted for Bush and he won more Electoral votes (a sign the country wanted him in power) the left felt Kerry should have won. Another example of the person with fewer votes should win. Kerry’s decision to concede was not popular with his running mate, an ambulance chasing lawyer, who felt they could win in court.

The idea of the person with the fewest votes should win was basically an unspoken dictum from the left. They never actually said that, their actions just indicated they felt that way. If this were the Superbowl and the Republicans were ahead 21-14 at the end of the game the donks would ask the officials to review the film, over and over, to see just how they (the donks) actually won. We played better and we looked better and of course, everyone wanted us to win, so the score should not matter. The donks unstated policy became a verbal reality this week when Senator Harry Reid, this month’s Jackass of the Month, stated, “We’ve become like the House of Commons. Whoever has the most votes wins.” The lesson from all this is that Reid has been in the Senate for a long time and he has not grasped the concept that majority rules. He still does not understand that we have not become this way, we have always been this way.

The moonbats in the Senate still believe that the fewest votes wins. They use the filibuster to make it so. They do not have the number of votes to win anything in a straight up majority vote so they invoke the filibuster. This means that they force the other side to have more than just the majority of the votes to win. In effect, the side with fewer votes wins. Harry Reid and his cohorts do not understand that the majority rules and the most votes wins. They believe that the person with the fewest votes wins.

Too bad they did not feel that way in 1992 and 1996, then Clinton would have never been in the White House. But of course, the only rules that apply are the ones that benefit the left at the time.

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