Politics By Turbo-Tax Timmy

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is now playing politics with the debt ceiling in a move that is designed to scare politicians into acting on the so called fiscal cliff. Geithner, a confirmed TAX CHEAT, previously told us that the government would not hit the debt ceiling until sometime late in the first quarter of 2013. Now he is saying that we will hit that ceiling on 31 December of this year.

How convenient that the new ceiling date is the exact same date that will ring in the cuts in government and the tax increases to the people that were all agreed upon by those in Congress. Yes, it is important to remember that Congress came up with the cuts and the tax increases as part of the last fiscal deal. These people all agreed that if they could not come to terms then these cuts and tax increases were acceptable. Now they are running around as if the end of the world is at hand and this is all a bad thing.


The facts are the facts and it is very clear that these people were all OK with the consequences if they could not come to terms. Now they have to live with what they agreed to when they were all rushing to make it home for Christmas two years ago. Their last minute haggling and game playing is now coming back to bite them in their ample rear ends. As Obama’s favorite Pastor might say, their chickens are coming home to roost.

Good, let the Bush tax cuts expire so that everyone can feel the pain. Let the cuts to government take place so people will see the mess created by those who are supposed to be leading us. Let it all come crashing down and let them suffer the consequences of their actions. And let those who voted these morons back in office suffer the consequences of their votes.

Elections have consequences and everyone should suffer them.

But, for Geithner to come out and claim the debt ceiling will be reached by Monday is nothing more than political theater and is designed to take away a bargaining chip Republicans have. This is why Geithner and his boss want the debt limit to be controlled by the White House and not Congress. These people want the ability to spend without limits and they do not want to have to ask Congress for more borrowing capacity.

They want total control and they know that the debt ceiling is a bargaining chip for Republicans to use in an effort to curb spending.

Will this work or will it backfire? If I were the Speaker I would call Barack Obama and lay out all MY terms for the budget. I would say we will have no tax increases and present a list of things that will be cut. I will remind him that the country will default in a few short days as determined by his Treasury Secretary and I will demand that he submit to ALL of my conditions. He will not like it but the bargaining chip that was further down the road is now, according to Geithner, a few days away.

I think it gives Boehner and the Republicans a stronger hand though I doubt Geithner planned for that. I think he was trying to pressure the right to give in to avoid default and to present Obama and his Democrats with a gift. I think this was a poor calculation by Geithner provided Boehner has the testicular fortitude to stand tough.

Hell, Boehner should go for broke and demand that the tax system be completely rewritten to impose a flat tax on all income and that includes the 47% of wage earners who pay NO federal taxes. Note to the left, this is federal income. Other taxes are not in question here.

The tax cheat Treasury Secretary is not interested in doing his job. He is interested in playing politics with the financial well being of the country. He is a shill for Obama and that is all this cretin is.

If he were any good at his job and we were really going to hit the debt ceiling on Monday wouldn’t he know that before today?

America is tired of the games. We are tired of last minute deals that screw us while keeping the morons in DC in power. We are tired of incompetent people running things. We are tired of this mess that both parties are responsible for.

It is time for the people in DC to do their jobs and quit playing games. We have plenty of income (and would have a lot more if unemployment was not so high) to run things but spending is out of control.

Now is the time Boehner. Stand tough and demand spending cuts and a revamped tax code that imposes a flat tax on all income from all wage earners.

Geithner unwittingly gave you a big hammer.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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One Response to “Politics By Turbo-Tax Timmy”

  1. Blake says:

    If conservatives cant, or won’t stand by their principles, then what ARE we?
    I am afraid that the Greatest Generation was, in essence, our last, true generation- every one after them have been about taking, not making- and every one after them has not bothered to learn TRUE history, just the pap that liberal professors taught them.