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Politicians Get Rich Taking YOUR Money

There is no doubt that many politicians get very wealthy (or wealthier) while in office. The fact that so many of them do cannot be a coincidence. The reality is they game the system to benefit them financially. The party matters little as members from all political ideologies work to enrich themselves and their families.

Harry Reid funnels money to family members or uses his connections to ensure they get well paying jobs. He uses his influence to ensure he gets great real estate deals.

It is reported that John Boehner will not “really” work to rid us of Obamacare because he has investments that will make him a lot of money because of the law. Something tells me he is not alone.

Dianne Feinstein is another who uses our money or her connections to get richer. It has been reported in the past that business is directed to her husband’s company because of her position in the US Senate. These allegations (and even the proof) are rarely mentioned in the liberal media.

Feinstein’s hubby stands to get about a BILLION more US dollars (in commission) as a result of the work of Congress. The US Postal Service will sell 56 buildings so it can pay more money leasing space. The company selected to handle this has Feinstein’s hubby sitting on its board and the sale of those buildings, expected to be 19 BILLION dollars will net the company (and hubby) a hefty commission.

This is one way politicians steer money to family members. They also hire them to work on campaigns, purchase campaign items from them (at greatly inflated prices no doubt) and they ensure that legislation favors their businesses or stock portfolios.

This kind of activity in the private sector gets CEOs hauled before Congress to explain themselves.

Anyone remember Congress grilling auto executives for flying in private planes to meetings in DC while the members doing the grilling fly at taxpayer expense and often in special planes? Some members (like the Speaker) have (or at that time had) their own Air Force air taxi service.

The people in elected office are, by and large, criminals who are in it to enrich their lives while they tell the rest of us how to live. There are a few good folks who are working for the people but the rest are out for themselves. They see themselves as elite and in a position to dictate how YOU live. They do not follow the rules they make.

Feinstein is but one in a large group of people who do things that do not benefit the people and do not follow the Constitution. That is all well in good in their minds because they live like royalty while in office and have ensured they will be very wealthy when they leave.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog