Political Stunts? Obama Misses The Irony

What happened at Sandy Hook was absolutely horrific and there is no doubt that the lives of the families of the murder victims will never be the same. The people at the school were murdered by a bad person with a gun. Yes, the school was a gun free zone which is the ultimate in gun control but this guy ignored the law and, knowing there would be no armed opposition, murdered people.

The tragedy worked to excite Barack Obama and other anti gun oath breakers into frenzy. They used (and are using) the tragedy to punish people who have not broken the law with rules and laws that will not affect criminals, who by their very nature, do not obey the law.

Several states have already enacted laws that violate the Constitution and those laws will be ineffective as murder by guns will not go down. Congress has been slower to respond to this because there is some opposition to anything that would violate the Constitution AS THERE SHOULD BE. In fact, anyone who is working to violate the Constitution should be immediately removed from office.

The Constitution is in place and has rules to follow. It is hard to change and takes a very long time. This is all by design in order to prevent knee jerk reactions like the one to the Sandy Hook shooting. It is designed so that despots like Obama are unable to run roughshod over We the People.

Obama is not happy that members of Congress are working to prevent the violation of the Supreme Law of the Land. He claims that they will use gimmicks to prevent legislation from moving forward. He is referring to the threat of a filibuster. Mr. Obama, a filibuster is not a gimmick. It is a legitimate parliamentary procedure that has been recognized in this country since the establishment of our government. Perhaps if you understood American history you would know that.

Obama talks about these gimmicks and fear of pro gun organizations as if he is a pure as the driven snow. Barack Obama flew the families of the murder victims on Air Force One as part of his stunt to push his anti gun agenda. That plane was used for political purposes by the guy who decries the use of such “gimmicks”.

Obama is anti American, anti Constitution, and anti gun. He is dancing on the graves of small children and using their families as props in order to get what he wants, the disarmament of Americans.

It is not about guns, it is all about control and only control.

Our children are more important that Barack Obama will ever be. He has armed people around him at all times. Our children deserve to be protected by people with guns. These people would be teachers, janitors, other workers, and parents.

Obama would have you call 911 and hope someone with a gun gets there before you are murdered.

911 is the government’s version of dial a prayer.

All these murderers have selected places with no guns for a reason.

One would think the smartest person in the world could figure it out…

Instead of flying his plane Obama should go fly a kite.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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