Police Trample On Marine Veteran’s Rights

A Marine veteran who supports Scott Walker in Wisconsin decided to peaceably assemble at the gathering for his opponent. The rally for Tom Barrett featured guest speaker Bill Clinton. The video opens with a cop making his way through the crowd and approaching the Marine from behind. The cop, no doubt a union thug, grabs the Marine’s jacket collar and tells him he is going to get his ass kicked (It is possible he said are you trying to get your ass kicked).

The first question I have is why would that happen? Are not the police there to keep the peace?

Then the Marine tells another officer that he has a right to be there and that he (the officer) took an oath and that that man (he points to the cop) will not put his hands on me again. As he is gesturing a cop walks up to his finger (he was pointing) and tells him that he will be in trouble if he does not keep his hand out of the cops face.

The Marine is then forced to another location and told to stay there. When he says he has does not have to stay in one spot and has as much right as all the other people (who he gestures toward) he is arrested.

This Marine was not threatening anyone and was being peaceful. He was accosted by the union thug cops who assaulted him and he was arrested for no cause.

Where were these cops when the liberals in Wisconsin were storming the government buildings and defacing them during the budget debates last year? Where were these cops when people occupied those buildings and refused to leave? Where were these cops when those folks were relieving themselves on the floors and destroying public property?

It would seem as if the cops are more than happy to go after people who do not break the law while ignoring those who do based solely on which politician they support.

I hope this Marine sues the police and those cops in particular and gets enough money to live very comfortably.

More importantly I hope these alleged peace officers are all fired and LOSE their pensions.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Police Trample On Marine Veteran’s Rights”

  1. Macker says:

    They are not Cops. They are PIGS!

  2. Blake says:

    That cop must be part of the thin brown line in someone’s underwear- he is selectively enforcing what HE INTERPRETS as the law, not the true law.