Poke A Stick And Get Bitten

People with any sense (which excludes the crocodile hunter) know that if you poke a stick at any animal that animal will eventually fight back with ferocity. It would appear that the Democrats have poked a stick at George Bush one too many times. Now a few of them might get bitten. The Justice Department is looking into the leaks involving classified information and the probe keeps pointing to two Democrats, Rockefeller and Durbin. These two guys and their staff members are being questioned and might be asked to take a lie detector. Anyone with a clearance can be asked to take a lie detector test at any time and though they do not have to agree, refusal would mean loss of the clearance.

This would put these two guys in an awkward position. If they had nothing to hide then they could probably take the test and be done with it. Hesitation or refusal regardless of their innocence would not play out well in the court of public opinion. If they are the leakers (and roads keep leading back to them) they will certainly face punishment. Leaking classified information is a federal offense regardless of the reason. The members of the media who received the information and printed it could also be in trouble. It seems that the law also applies to the media as well.

There are those who will make an argument for the Freedom of the Press. If the law says you can not tell then the freedom is denied. This happens all the time. Papers are not allowed to print the names of minors involved in certain crimes or if they have been victims of a sex crime. The papers comply with that because it is the law. So Freedom of the Press does not wash. Despite the opinion of the press that it is the fourth branch of government (or the fourth estate), no such role is spelled out in the Constitution. Looks like this time some reporters might be going to jail and staying there.

As for the two stellar Senators, if they are found to be guilty of the leaks then they need to go to jail. They need to never be allowed to hold elected office and they need to be fined very, very heavily. I would say that Club Gitmo would be a good place for them. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. When Rove and Delay were guilty in the press I opined that they were innocent until proven guilty and that is how I feel about these two. I just know that they have now been placed in very vulnerable positions. This goes for the reporters as well. I would recommend however, that they give up their sources and cut deals quickly. The administration has had a lot of sticks poked at it and the teeth are very sharp.

The Democrats could not play nicely. They had to involve partisan rhetoric in everything they did. George Bush has never called any of them names or made fun of them despite the vile hatred that spews from them all the time. He has endured all the accusations and the barriers that have been erected to prevent him from running the country. He has gotten to the point where he is tired of fighting the terrorists who want to attack this country from the outside and those who want to attack it from within. And so he has now taken off the gloves. It is kind of funny in a way. When the moonbats made up the story about Valerie Plame (she was not covert) they demanded an immediate investigation. When they began crying about the “illegal domestic” wiretapping they demanded immediate investigations. Now they have an investigation but it is not one they called for and it is not one they want. But investigation it is and who knows what mighty players might fall?

Yes, if you poke a stick at an animal it will eventually bite you. George Bush is now biting and it could get ugly. Or as Mac Ranger says, “No more Mr. Nice guy.”

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