Poem From The Show

I promised that I would post the poem I read on my radio show this evening. The title is “Washington, A Capitol City” and I am the author:

If he were alive to see the mess
In the city that bears his name
The father of our country would bow his head in shame.
Sex, drugs, violence, and every other ill
These are just the things that take place
Up on Capitol Hill.
Yes, Bill’s idea was slightly different
When it came to Executive powers
Because the hotterst thing lying on his desk
Was a different kind of Flowers
Let’s take a look back in time
And see what they had to say
Then look at how it differs
From what they say today.
Now, Nancy said “Just say no”
Or you’ll end up in jail.
But then we got a clown in there
Who said “Just don’t inhale”
Ben Franklin said “A penny saved”
“Is really a penny earned”
But now they say “we’ll spend your money”
“Watch it as it’s burned”
Patrick Henry said “I’ll take liberty”
“Or I’ll just go and die”
Bill Clinton on the other hand
Chickened out with a lie.
There was a time not long ago
During the infancy of our land
That the fellows up in Washington
Represented the common man
But now they stand for special interests
The guys with all the bucks.
So the average person like you or me
Is really out of luck.
And when we get disgusted
With the games that they play
We harp on the same subject
Limit terms is what we say.
The idea’s not new but it won’t pass
Because of a little quirk
Do you really think they’ll vote for something
That will put them out of work?
We can limit terms my friends
I’ll tell you how, take note
If you want to make them unemployed
Just get out and vote!
Yes, Washington, George that is
The one who could not tell a lie
If you listen closely on a quiet night
You can probably hear him cry.

I hope you enjoy it.

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2 Responses to “Poem From The Show”

  1. orange_cross says:

    Once upon a time
    our fathers talked
    one said freedom
    the other balked
    should the people decide
    or are they inept
    we’re a land of equals
    and some are more so *winks*
    the time was short
    they compromised
    the people vote
    the elite listen
    humming a tune of derision
    they know who
    makes the real decision
    but we were saved
    by hasty foibles
    a bill of rights slid by
    a document certifies
    that we are free
    sometimes we remember
    the principles on which it is based
    a love of mankind
    a reverence for ourselves
    and for our fellows
    thick as blood
    dispelling darkness
    like the sun
    and in the end
    it is an idea of freedom
    not God on a battlefield
    or a king on a hill
    but in our own minds
    the dawn of sympathy
    and humanity