Plot to Blow up Kennedy

Imagine my thoughts when I saw the above headline at the Drudge Report. I thought that the terrorists had finally gotten it right. Not that I advocate the death of any American though I have often noted that it would be nice if the people (like Kennedy) who have been hanging on in Congress for decades could die off so we could fill their seats with fresh ideas I would never go for the willful murder of them. I had these visions in my head that the Muslims terrorists had gotten to Kennedy by posing as Bush hating business men who would finance his next campaign if he would deliver a message to the middle of DC. They then would get Kennedy liquored up (as if that would be hard) and then strap a bomb vest to him and give him the message to take to DC.

They would detonate Kennedy in the middle of a crowd and the flabalanche that would follow would result in untold numbers of deaths and injuries. Kennedy’s case hardened liver would take out building after building as it hurtled through the city propelled by the bomb/alcohol combination.

Alas, my thoughts were interrupted when I actually read the article which describes another terrorist plot to attack the US. You know, one of those plots that the liberals make light of and fail to see as success in the war on terror and Islam. This plot involved blowing up the fuel line that carries jet fuel to Kennedy Airport in New York. The fuel line runs under neighborhoods and would have killed thousands of people and caused millions if not billions of dollars worth of damage. Experts indicate the devastation would have dwarfed that of 9/11.

I should have realized right from the start that the terrorists would not be blowing up Kennedy, at least not yet. He is still a useful idiot to them and can assist them in winning the war.

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One Response to “Plot to Blow up Kennedy”

  1. Bosun says:

    Big Dog,

    These Islamists must have missed the religion of peace classes at the their local mosques!

    Four of our latest homegrown radical Islam terrorism plots have been detected and thwarted in the United States.

    I loosely note “Homegrown” because most of the plotters have been a hog podge of resident aliens, foreigners, and illegal immigrants.

    In June 2007, Federal authorities have charged four Islamic Mohammedan radicals with conspiring to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

    In May 2007, 6 Islamic Mohammedan radicals were detailed and charged with conspiring to attack Fort Dix military base and kill American soldiers.

    In July 2006, government officials claimed to have thwarted a foreign based plot to stage a suicide bombing on the new York rail tunnel planned by Islamic Mohammedan radicals from outside the country.

    In June 2006, a rag tag band of malcontents were charged with conspiring to blow up sears tower in Chicago. They pledged allegiance the head Islamic Mohammedan radical of the 21st century, Osama bin Laden.

    Man, are we lucky. The Donk Lefti are just salivating for the other shoe to drop so they can blame GWB and give Islam a pass (again).

    What part of religion of peace do we not understand? Hello, Wake Up, America. The enemy is real and it is coming.

    True there were undercover informants and agents of Muslim decent who assisted in infiltrating the above plots. I wonder how many more knew about the plots and chose not to get involved. What is needed is for Islam to go through a reformation and enlightenment.

    It is OK for all religions to live in peace, if one lives in the 21st century not some 7th century Islamic law religion.

    And it is alright for one to leave a faith and join another, as long as he or she does not conspire to kill the infidels.

    Be ever vigilant, my friend.