Please Don’t Feed The Chickens (To Yourself)

PETA says that is going to stage a protest to convince people not to eat chickens. They are going to lie naked inside flower decorated coffins outside the Department of Agriculture in Washington on Wednesday. They want people to know that addiction to poultry could lead to a bird flu pandemic. There, of course, is no scientific evidence that eating a properly cooked chicken will cause you to contract the disease. The lack of scientific evidence is never a prerequisite when activists get together. That is why we have the “Global Warming” debate. Pseudoscience is wonderful for the uneducated.

“Avian influenza is not transmitted through cooked food,” the CDC website specifically says. And it says there is no evidence so far that anyone has become infected after eating “properly cooked poultry or poultry products, even when these foods were contaminated with the H5N1 virus.”

I would imagine that seeing a bunch of aged, naked, activists would be enough to keep you from eating anything so they might just succeed in their mission. I think maybe we should show up and close the coffins. If they want to play dead then we should help them along.

PETA is the same group that wants us to treat animals kindly while they are out killing them and throwing them in dumpsters. The folks at PETA tell us it is cruel to kill and eat animals. They tell us of the torture the animals go through just so we can eat them. Nature, on the other hand, has animals eating each other while they are still alive. We are inhumane for killing them first! The group will give emergency vegetarian rations. I wonder if they realize that vegetables are alive too, and usually when you are eating them. Unless you boil them to death. If only the vegetables could scream PETA folks would all starve to death and leave us alone.

PETA, I have considered your request and I only have one thing to say about eating chickens; Original Recipe, white meat.

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