Please Dick, Run

I know Dick Cheney is older and has heart problems and he has stated that he does not want to run for the office of President. But would someone please convince him to announce he is running. I do not want him to actually run. He needs to spend the time after 2008 with his family and get away from the vultures in DC. But I want to see Helen Thomas kill herself.

Helen, the crogedy old nasty news lady who sits in the White House in a senile dementia stupor has vowed that she will kill herself if Cheney runs. I think it would be worth it if he would just make the announcement. This would be great. The White House could sell tickets and they could play Another One Bites The Dust over the loud speakers.

Of course, we know she is full of horse dung. She ranks up there with the Hollywood stars who were going to move if Bush won. Guess what? They are still here bothering us. But if Helen would just do it….

How great would that be. Helen said that all we needed was another liar in the White House. This is her way of calling the President a liar. Of course she means Clinton. He was the only one who was found guilty of perjury (which is lying for all you libs out there). He lied on national TV “I did not have sex with that woman…”

So Helen has now confirmed for the MSM what the rest of the thinking world has known all along. Clinton was a liar.

Read the pathetic cry for help here.

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2 Responses to “Please Dick, Run”

  1. Didn’t she want John “medals and ribbons were interchangable” Kerry to win the Whitehouse?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Yes, she sure did and we all KNOW John Kerry did not lie….